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FEEDBACK: acces denied!

A topic by hamidreza_ao created Jul 31, 2017 Views: 191 Replies: 5
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when i try to download an app, change my profile picture, or anything a normal person can do in, it says: acces denied. the following service isn't avalible in your location.

WTF itch? why i cant have FUN, like many others do?!!

WHY should i waste my time enabling my Goddammed VPN in order to do the things, that a person in US can do without VPN?

WHAT is going on? i need you to answer this, itch.

or its proved that you are a racist

so u not answering???


Our website does not have any error message like that. We don't restrict any pages on our site by geographic location. Can you include a screenshot of the error? It might be related to software that is installed on your computer,  or your internet connection could be manipulating our requests. Thanks


here it is. leafo. pls fix this.


Hmm, interesting. That appears to be coming from Google Cloud Storage. Do you know if Google is blocked on your network connection?

ok. racist google. i cant watch youtube or download GOOD games on google play too, eithout VPN.

so how can i fix this? is VPN the only option?