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SpaceLine!!! New Game made by SquareFox

A topic by SquareFox created Dec 31, 2015 Views: 415 Replies: 2
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A SpaceShip under siege fled into the SpaceLine a parallel dimension where everything is two-dimensional and perilous you must find the end of all lines and reach your goal!!!

  • Hello my name is Carlos Mota otherwise known as SquareFox I have recently been introduced to and it's amazing I have released a game I have worked on and that I really enjoyed making called Space-Line I really hope you will enjoy it Thank you for all your support this community is Awesome!!!!

Here is the link hope you have fun playing it!!!

The graphics and animations are really nice, but you need to be careful with your audio levels. That coin pickup sound is about 10 times louder than everything else, and it clips pretty badly.

Thank you for the feedback I will make an update to it as soon as possible and also thank you for playing it