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Thanks Pablo and I'm glad you liked it! 😊

Hi there scrawlHive thanks for sending me this it means a lot! glad you loved it, and sorry for such a late response...but yeah for sure it would be cool to work alongside you as well I don't have as much free time as I used to but I'm trying to get back into making games and Yep I use Construct 2! now I'm using 3 it's good.

And thanks again appreciated ☺️

Awesome Thanks!

Thank you!, will add that feature

Thank you!!!

Really Like it

Thank you for playing my game I really appreciate it :)

Thank you for the feedback I will make an update to it as soon as possible and also thank you for playing it


A SpaceShip under siege fled into the SpaceLine a parallel dimension where everything is two-dimensional and perilous you must find the end of all lines and reach your goal!!!

  • Hello my name is Carlos Mota otherwise known as SquareFox I have recently been introduced to and it's amazing I have released a game I have worked on and that I really enjoyed making called Space-Line I really hope you will enjoy it Thank you for all your support this community is Awesome!!!!

Here is the link hope you have fun playing it!!!