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Feature request - include

A topic by yunzl created Mar 23, 2021 Views: 189 Replies: 4
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I'm tired of inter-project code-copying.

The include function, as I envision, is similar to other 'magic' of yours: First we set a path in Preferences that includes preset folders, where each folder is a pack.

e.g.: On entering code

include http (line feed) ,

Read all *.gml files from the http folder in %pack% and pack them into a cache in the project directory;

the code will turn into include_project http to prevent any changes to 'pack' to take effect on the current project.

Import timestamp shall be displayed upon moving mouse pointer onto this code.

This is just a suggestion of mine, and I believe you can do something even better.


I have previously considered it, but making a good “package manager” is a lot of work, hence why no one has effectively accomplished this yet.

In my work I often use symbolic links (mklink on Windows, ln on Mac/Linux) to avoid manually copying resources when updating them. If you need to do this really often, you could make a tiny plugin to automate the process of creating a script, removing its GML file, and creating a symbolic link pointing at the GML file in a different directory.

Thank you for your answer

I suddenly found out that GMS allows Chinese variables

But there will be an error in gmedit. Can you fix it?


function 中文测试(){





Developer (1 edit)

That is most likely a bug/side-effect - although the compiler accepts them, it is not mentioned in the Release Notes, IDE doesn’t know about this, and non-Latin characters cause compilation errors on YYC on ~half of the platforms.

If it does become an officially supported feature, I can add support for it to GMEdit - will mostly need to figure out what is a valid letter now and what isn’t (e.g. µ counts as a valid variable name but ¶ doesn’t).

thank you