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Void - A blind shmup (Top selection in GMTK Jam)

A topic by Nic Magnier created Jul 28, 2017 Views: 201 Replies: 1
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Void is a small shmup where you are blind. You cannot see a thing in front of you. Except when you shooting, your bullets will reveal small piece of the playfield. Your first shots reveal a large area but if you keep shooting the shots get less visibility, so shoot wisely.

There is no scoring but the difficulty is increasing over time. It starts slow and after a bit of time it become a real bullet shooter.

I made it for the Game Maker Toolkit Game Jam in about ten hours. The games lacks some music (if you are a musician and you have a bombastic track that you would like to include in the game, let me know). The best part of the game was to actually create the bullets particles system and the various pattern. I used Löve to make the game.

I was one of the lucky game to be in the top selection of the jam (as seen on TV... I mean youtube)

Please share your comment and let me know if you enjoy it!



Looks like a cool idea, thanks for sharing.