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Games to check out on a trip?

A topic by Asatiir created Dec 29, 2015 Views: 371 Replies: 4
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Hi all, I'll be on a trip soon and I was wondering if you have any games you made that might keep me entertained on the plane. I like a big variation of genres so I'm okay with almost anything thrown at me. Preferably free, don't mind incomplete games but also okay with buying a few. So hit me with your best shot!

Screen and short blurb about what your game is about would be highly appreciated too.

Edit: Windows games please, I'll be on a laptop.


It might help if you said what kind of a gaming platform you'll have on the plane. Laptop? Tablet? Phone? What operating system? My games for example don't work on mobile devices, and most have very short play times of 10-15 minutes. They are, however, all free, and all but one are complete if minimal. Do you mind abstract or ASCII art? If you can narrow it down a little, I can likely pick one or two for you.

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I forgot, thanks :D

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All right then, I'll recommend just one:

Glittering Light is a turn-based maze-running game, or rogue-lite if you prefer. You'll find instructions on the game page, but it's a very tactical game with 5-15 minutes play time that you can repeat ad infinitum because the maze is never twice the same. Only a keyboard is supported for now, but it should run in any modern web browser. Hope you'll like it!

I have a couple that you might enjoy.

The first one I'd like to put forward would be Project Plasma which is a vertical scrolling shooter (similar in vein to games like Raptor: Call of the Shadows, Demonstar, or even the Touhou series) which has a large array of levels and challenges if that's the kind of thing you're into. If you play it non-stop you should be able to get the first 15 levels or so done within around three hours (not taking into account any restarts or any extra content.) It is a paid game, but it's currently on sale at a 60% discount.

If you have Android device handy there's also Project Plasma Mobile which is a free prototype game, but it's a complete trainwreck that happened as a result of me implementing PP's mechanics onto a touchscreen device with near-catastrophic results.