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Need a way to tell I'm not interested in a game.

A topic by sitebender created Jul 28, 2017 Views: 155 Replies: 1
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Howdy there. I've had some of the same games cluttering up my "recommended games" I've looked at them, they're paid assets, I'm not interested at all. Its been a year and I just don't want to see them anymore so I can get things I might be interested in.

... also a wishlist feature would be nice.

Oh yeah and what about a private star review system. Where I give a game a star rating for my own usage without the star rating going to the game's overall rating? Since developers can see who left star ratings, I have a difficult time giving a game less than 5 stars as I don't want ratings to come back and bite my games.


Thanks for the feedback, we do have a system to dismiss games but it's not accessible from the recommendations list at the moment. I'll make a note to add something when we revamp the homepage. In the meantime, if you visit a project page I'm pretty sure it will hide it from recommendations (but that might not be accurate, haven't looked at code in a while)