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Set 3 (bugs/ideas/questions)

A topic by noahphense created Jul 27, 2017 Views: 156 Replies: 7
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Ashore - Version 1.8.9 - Game Update #63
Set 3 (bugs/ideas/questions)
For developer(s), as requested.

* (glitch) "giddyup cowboy":
(wolf) you can jump on top of a wolf and he cannot bite you..  then you can punch him until he dies.  You will see this in 1.9.0, as I tested it there already.

* (idea) if you chop down a tree that has sticks on it, add sticks to inventory, then indicate sticks being added to inventory in the usual manner, graphically on the right side, as if picked by hand, if it's a good idea.. then maybe do it to the rocks, so that if we just "mine" the rock, we get the little rocks too(?)

* (idea) "C" opens crafting, what if we can close crafting by pressing "C" again(?) -- same way it works with "I"..

* (idea) "TAB" for inventory, "P" for player stats screen, or if you wanted to take it a step further, you could allow custom key bindings. 

* (glitch) "mining for dayz" glitch I call it, where I can start mining something (left mouse button), while holding down the mouse button, open your inventory

* (bug) chased a deer until it ran into that little pond in the center of the map, killed it while it was in the water.. not sure what to call it after that, it was stuck in the running animation, and I was able to walk through it.. not sure if I can reproduce it, as telling the deer where to run was never my thing..

* (idea) .. gold, it doesn't go away when we die.. I say, sure let it go away when we die, but then, we should have a "gold storage"?

* (idea) sniper rifle, remove regular cross-hair, while looking through scope?

* (thoughts) with storage box open .. if i move sticks from my inv. to a storage box, they don't stack.. but in my inv. they are stacked .. same for arrows, I guess this is just a general "stacking" related item, which I don't believe is implemented.

* (idea/thought) change all inv mgmt to shift-clicking .. (more below)

* (thoughts/ideas) change the ctrl-clicks to shift-clicks, including the single clicks when you are:
- filling a furnace with meat, which i believe is a left-click
- i think when you remove meat from the furnace it's a right-click, change to shift-click

The shift-clicking, is completely optional, I am only bringing it forward because shift-clicking, is pretty much an industry standard.  I don't own a build/crafting game that doesn't currently use shift-clicking.

-- ok so you've released a new version, time to make a new report file (you know you love it)   ;)



Hi Noah, lets see...

-Will look into the wolf glitch xD

-Chopping down trees > auto loot sticks sounds like a good idea

-'C' to close the menu (will make it happen)

-Key binding is already implemented (from main menu / pause menu > controls settings)  

-"mining for dayz " glitch (will make sure I fix it)

-Added the animation bug to the list.

-Added a gold storage in update #64 so in the next update; gold will = 0 on respawn!

Regarding the shift button, i'll make sure that happens as well.

As always thank you very much for the active support and reports.

Very helpful,


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Always a pleasure.  Enjoying the progression.

(you pointed it out, so sorry, I had to find a bug in it) .. ;)

On the note of the key bindings, I see that you have spent some time on that.  Here is what I noticed right off the bat, quick test.. 

I went in, changed the Inventory to TAB, and it warned me about over writing Stats.. so I clicked "overwrite" ..   done, left the menu system..

When I click TAB now, I get, the inventory, but when I click TAB again to close Inv., you can see the player stats window also flash.. it appears that you should add to your "overwrite" routine, to nul out the item that we are overwriting.. as I currently have two actions, assigned to TAB.. stats and inventory.. 


ps -- of course I was able to fix it by going to stats, and changing it from TAB to "P".. 


Implemented it very early on, I do expect bugs in that area.. 

Already have a few noted down lol.

Will look into!

BTW; add "Game tester" to your CV :P


ha on the CV.. "I wouldn't be part of any club that would have me as a member." #GrouchoMarx

As for the "Game Menu" and the "Guide", I'm saving those for their own SitRep.  ;)

For the Guide, just basic stuff, grammatical items, spelling, proper casing, and random thoughts.
For the Game Menu, same as above, but with some technical stuff, like the bug I just mentioned regarding the 'overwrite' routine.


Great! I look forward to any and all feedback, especially when it comes to "grammatical items, spelling, proper casing"

My English isn't that good when it comes to writing.

Really like the quote!

I didn't mean anything by the grammatical and spelling piece.  If you don't want me to scope that out, I will leave it alone.  It's just an OCD thing.  ;)


Not at all, you've already helped more than I could ask!

But if you wish to help out even more; you're more than welcome to do so!

I'll be very grateful!

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