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Always a pleasure.  Enjoying the progression.

(you pointed it out, so sorry, I had to find a bug in it) .. ;)

On the note of the key bindings, I see that you have spent some time on that.  Here is what I noticed right off the bat, quick test.. 

I went in, changed the Inventory to TAB, and it warned me about over writing Stats.. so I clicked "overwrite" ..   done, left the menu system..

When I click TAB now, I get, the inventory, but when I click TAB again to close Inv., you can see the player stats window also flash.. it appears that you should add to your "overwrite" routine, to nul out the item that we are overwriting.. as I currently have two actions, assigned to TAB.. stats and inventory.. 


ps -- of course I was able to fix it by going to stats, and changing it from TAB to "P".. 

Implemented it very early on, I do expect bugs in that area.. 

Already have a few noted down lol.

Will look into!

BTW; add "Game tester" to your CV :P


ha on the CV.. "I wouldn't be part of any club that would have me as a member." #GrouchoMarx

As for the "Game Menu" and the "Guide", I'm saving those for their own SitRep.  ;)

For the Guide, just basic stuff, grammatical items, spelling, proper casing, and random thoughts.
For the Game Menu, same as above, but with some technical stuff, like the bug I just mentioned regarding the 'overwrite' routine.

Great! I look forward to any and all feedback, especially when it comes to "grammatical items, spelling, proper casing"

My English isn't that good when it comes to writing.

Really like the quote!

I didn't mean anything by the grammatical and spelling piece.  If you don't want me to scope that out, I will leave it alone.  It's just an OCD thing.  ;)

Not at all, you've already helped more than I could ask!

But if you wish to help out even more; you're more than welcome to do so!

I'll be very grateful!

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