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The Elder Trolls V: Pierim

A topic by Guigil Corp. created Jul 25, 2017 Views: 231 Replies: 2
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Forget Skyrim, Bloodborne, Battlefield One, or Overwatch; this is where it's at.

This game will revolutionize the way YOU think about gaming. 

It will change your entire perspective on the meaning of a good game.


  • Revolutionary physics engine
  • Fantastic Graphics
  • Amazing swimming mechanics
  • Powerful fast travel system
  • Groundbreaking enemy A.I.

~The . best . game . ever . (Not our opinion, simply a fact)~

Link to page:


This game was made as a parody and is not representative of my other work.

this is the funniest trailer ever

Thanks dude! I put a lot of effort into it!