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Thanks dude! I put a lot of effort into it!

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Forget Skyrim, Bloodborne, Battlefield One, or Overwatch; this is where it's at.

This game will revolutionize the way YOU think about gaming. 

It will change your entire perspective on the meaning of a good game.


  • Revolutionary physics engine
  • Fantastic Graphics
  • Amazing swimming mechanics
  • Powerful fast travel system
  • Groundbreaking enemy A.I.

~The . best . game . ever . (Not our opinion, simply a fact)~

Link to page:


This game was made as a parody and is not representative of my other work.

Hi! I appreciate your input so much! Yeah I was thinking about adding more ammo but I felt that took away the "dread" if you know what I mean? Still, I will look into it in the next update.

-Regarding your second concern, no, currently the game is endless, but I will add more rooms, enemies and weapons on further updates. I am also planning on adding collectables and secret rooms, to keep the player busy. The game is going to be much, much larger once out of beta. The good thing is you will get access to those future updates for free :)