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Corpse Box Racers

Race corpses in cardboard boxes with up to 4 players! · By KabisCube

Update Comment

A topic by Vfbmax created Jul 24, 2017 Views: 82 Replies: 1
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Hey just played the Updated version of the game and loved it. I only have one "grievance" (if you can really call it that its more of a suggestion i guess idk) is that when a player respawns on the box with the "E" key the box could be facing the opposite way that it was before the crash. So then when you do get up and back on the box you'd go backwards before you realize it. As a game dev myself I have 2 ideas that I'd gladly share here with you. 1. You could create a graphic that can be placed on the box to denote the way the box is facing (Ex. putting something like a "this side up" sign on the back) 2. This one is a little more coding heavy but you could also try tweaking the code of your box movement to move the direction your facing (Ex. regardless of which end is facing forward the "W" and similar input commands will push the box forward with the camera view instead of it being object based. You can still do a reverse with this method). Other then that Its truly an awesome game with a little quirky charm to it. Hope this helps and may you have great success with this project. Cant wait to see how the game ends up .


Oh man! Thank you so much!
I had to have a bit of a think before replying but I think I've come up with a concept based on your feedback that should do the job.
Here's what I'm thinking. You could save the camera's y rotation and then send that to be used as the y rotation
used in the reset script that's on the box.
That way the box should always face away from the camera when you reset.
Was really interesting to think about this, I've tried coming up with something to fix this problems in the past,
but  the code always end up sort of odd and not really as flexible as I'd want it to be.
But I've never realized that I can use the camera as a reference point, so this was a breath of fresh air!
Thank you so much for your feedback, really appreciate you taking the time to contact me about this.