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Thank you! really glad you two enjoyed the game so much!

More stuff for the characters would be cool! If I go back to working on this game, I'd love to add that to the new feature list :)

I'm honestly not sure if I will.

If I'm going to go back to this project I would want to restructure a lot of things. This was my first 3D game, so I was learning a ton as I went.

But it would be nice to one day go back to it, maybe create a lvl editor so it can grow on its own :)

For now, I don't know. I got a couple of other projects I'm working on right now so want to finish them first.

Ok, think I get what's happening.
Some levels, like Bouncer, have the "Reset To Box" feature disabled.
This isn't a bug, but a big design flaw as it's not communicated in any way more than that the UI doesn't show the respawn hint.
This is something that should have been fixed for the final prototype build (latest build). 
Not having Reset To Box should never make a level unplayable though.
Thank you for the feedback, I've added this to the design feature fix list!

is this happening on all levels?

nice uuh "multiplayer" session, that Billy guy is not to mess with.
Not sure how he can reach the arrow keys, but hey! He does have some mad skills, that's for sure.
Glad you liked the game! :P

It's a good idea, that's for sure. Customization is always nice to have.
It is something that I want to implement, but there are just so many other things that need to be prioritized as of right now.
But who knows, it might happen down the line :)

Oh man! Thank you so much!
I had to have a bit of a think before replying but I think I've come up with a concept based on your feedback that should do the job.
Here's what I'm thinking. You could save the camera's y rotation and then send that to be used as the y rotation
used in the reset script that's on the box.
That way the box should always face away from the camera when you reset.
Was really interesting to think about this, I've tried coming up with something to fix this problems in the past,
but  the code always end up sort of odd and not really as flexible as I'd want it to be.
But I've never realized that I can use the camera as a reference point, so this was a breath of fresh air!
Thank you so much for your feedback, really appreciate you taking the time to contact me about this.

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Oh wow, thank you. Super cool that you enjoy the game so much!
Good food for thought as well, I'll add it in my notes right away :)

I had no idea ps4 controllers worked. I haven't been able to try out
compatibility with ps4 controllers yet. So that's super nice news!
What Operating System are you on? 

I've been making some changes to that track just now. It should be a bit more fair in the next patch.
I'm doing a ton of research on adding online multiplayer, can't promise anything this early but I am experimenting with it.

Forgot to write and say I had a blast watching the video!
I just watched it, laughed and favorited it yesterday haha.

Man, that was brutal to watch.
Took some notes while watching, will be working on fixing a lot of the things you complained about.

Holy crap. Getting it to 0.00 is literally frame perfect (and a huge oversight in the code, note taken, will be fixed in future versions)

Thank you for bringing this to my attention! 

one of these little dudes :)

Well, as long as you have the wireless receiver for your wireless xbox 360 controller, it should work just fine.
Is it working for you in any other games?

if you're on Windows, you just have to plug it in and everything should work just fine.
If you're on Linux or Mac OSX you need to bind the buttons in the launcher.
Hope that helps :)

Nice video, man.
Totally recommend playing it again with some friends!

Thank you for the kind words!
As you said in the video, playing with a controller is so much nicer.
It's really hard to translate these types of controls to keyboard and get them to feel as good.
It's defensively something I will need to work more on.
It was really cool and informative to see a lets player make it through the full Campaign.
Got lots of little notes from just that alone.
Also, holy crap! I think you're the only lets player I've seen actually land a grind!

Hey man, glad you liked the game so much! 

Really dig the video. 

I was rooting so hard for you on the grind! Almost had it too!  :D

Figured since you're studying programming that seeing the solution I did might be interesting.
Here's a snippet from that code (C#)

Basically, I just have a bool set to true if the player has finished.
If they have, I just don't Allow the player to reset.
Your solution was a good idea, this does basically the same thing.
But instead of disabling the button I disable a part of the function.

        if (hasFinished == true)
            Invoke("SelectWinner", 0f);
            //Reset the timer
            if (Input.GetButtonDown("P1_ResetToStart") || Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Q))
                currentTime = 0f;

Oh wow! I had completely missed that, thank you so much for the heads up!
I'll get it fixed right away.

Just wanted to give you a heads-up that a 32bit build of version 0.020 is up for you to grab :)

Thank you! I'll keep at it! :D

Thanks man! glad you like it! :)

Thanks man! really enjoyed the video too :D

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I can't rebuild version 0.019 as it is now but
I'll make sure to include 32 bit versions in the future versions.
Thank you for bringing this up :)

I noticed the bug with the pause menu last night and fixed it straight away, so it will be fine on the next version. Thank you for the heads up though! :) 

I'm sorry to hear you find the campaign levels boring. I'll be focusing mainly on them now for a short while. I do want to make more of the other tracks as well, but there are some core features that will need more work first. But don't worry, I think the core of the game is almost done, and after that I can hammer out levels a lot faster! 

Thanks man! 

PS, hope you don't mind me using a little snippet of your video in the first version of the trailer :P

I love the video! Just so much pure joy in you two :D

Thank you so much for the kind words! 

The basics of the fame is still being hammed out, and adding customization is a very big thing. I do however have an idea of what I would like to do with that, but at this stage I can't really promise anything as it will more then likely be quite some time till it's time to tackle that. 

But yeah, I agree . the game would do good with some customization. Customization is always a good thing :) 

Thank you for your feedback

Thank you so much! :D

Nice video dude! Glad you liked the game so much :D

Thank you for the heads up!
I'll get that fixed by the next update.

I really don't want that to be the thing that people have to do to get the controls.
I'll keep at it and make it clearer in the game though!
Thank you for your feedback.

oh,  Player 2 plays on the arrow keys and then use the Delete and PageDown Keys to respawn.
No need for a numpad! :D

I had completely missed that video!
Thanks for the heads up! :D

Glad you like it!
It might be some more time before I feel it has enough content and features to
be ready for Steam GreenLight though (If it's still a thing at that point).

If nothing, I have no intentions of leaving :)

Personally I think that it's always good to give the player the choice to play a track made for 2+ on their own.
While communicating that it's not recommended to do so is great,
but to flat out ban it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
I really want the player to have that freedom.

Good point! The controller support is super basic atm and definitely something I'll be adding onto.

But what if someone wants to player a 2-4 player track on their own?
Maybe there could be a 'recommended amount of players' thing instead?