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Corpse Box Racers

Race corpses in cardboard boxes with up to 4 players! · By KabisCube

E key not working Box Racers

A topic by shrek123456789 created Dec 19, 2018 Views: 260 Replies: 3
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Idk why but in corpse box racers the e reset key is completely non functional. The game is basically unplayable without it so im pretty annoyed


is this happening on all levels?

Facing the same problem. occurs only on some levels. Annoys the hell out of me


Ok, think I get what's happening.
Some levels, like Bouncer, have the "Reset To Box" feature disabled.
This isn't a bug, but a big design flaw as it's not communicated in any way more than that the UI doesn't show the respawn hint.
This is something that should have been fixed for the final prototype build (latest build). 
Not having Reset To Box should never make a level unplayable though.
Thank you for the feedback, I've added this to the design feature fix list!