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Very neat concept ^^ The hit detection was a little wonky on the webpage version (which is what im gonna assume is what the warning is about ) yet even with that ran smooth and played nice, great job! 

Such a cool concept! Keep up the great work

I just played through a few rounds and I think I have enough to get an idea of where it needs improvement on. Although bear in mind Im more of the graphics side of things when it comes to gaming so my coding advice should be taken with a grain of salt. Ill start with the positives and move to the negatives with my opinions at the end as well as bugs ^^. 

* It has very nice looking environment all the assets look and feel life like. 

 * The weapon diversity is there given I could only find 4 stations (2 of which held the same gun) and visually like I said previously look very nice.  

* The enemy variety was a nice touch, which does emulate that Cod Zombies feel. 

* The Hand HUD is neat, a lot of these sorts of games tend to force an overlay that is nice but also takes up players visual space, which is fine for non VR games but with VR being as freeform as it is in terms of controls something like what you have here is a welcomed approach. 

Oki this is where the negatives come into play

* The weapons look nice and different but play so similarly. They might give different damage outputs but the multi barreled pistol feels just the same as the SMG/Rifle. I think adding a second anchor point to the larger weapons can help with that a bit, a recoil system could also be an answer. 

*checking on the demo itself, I kept getting this Process 5() error first loading it up. It could just be my machine but it is something to note ^^

Bugs ^^ 

* Controls are a little sticky, Im not sure if its a bug or not but I had to press the button to close fist and then instead of releasing when I let go I had to press it again to open my hand. 

* For whatever reason when I had a gun in both hands and went to do anything regarding the right hand (like reload or shoot) it would do that to the left gun. This happened with everything minus the sniper rifle.

*In similar fashion to the last one, the left hand did nothing. I could move it and press the buttons but it didn't respond to anything with the gun other then move it around screen.

* Player is able to fire and not spend ammo. If the player aims towards themselves and fire, the ammo count stays the same. Im assuming its something with the laser sight system not being visible but I dont know how much it affects everything code wise.

* I couldnt pick up the smg/rifle in my right hand. No matter what I did it just didnt seem to pick up. Could do it with the left just not the right. 

Personal opinions
 So far its a nice game, just has a few bugs. One thing I will comment on is the wave system. I would have it either start on players spawn or have some graphic over the probe thing to let players know thats how it starts. Also some sort of info in general towards the begging would be nice. Just so the player doesn't go in blind on some of it. Wish you the best going forward ^^

Not bad, Now Im not sure if this was caught in later versions but in the b3.0 version (mac) I ran into a weird glitch with the pack-a-punch clam. I was able to pack-a-punch the Sten smg and I tried to do it again with the RPG and for some reason the interaction splash screen wouldn't pop up and I was unable to use it. I ran into again on a different run, what I can gather is that when the player fails to have enough points the system does the check and when they leave the trigger box it deletes itself. Other then that, I like the charm the low poly weapons. I think they could use a little more animation to them, like the Sten having a reciprocating bolt when it fires like the pistol does with the slide. Again this is based off of b3.0 so it could be something thats already looked over. Keep up the great work you all.

Very interesting concept. Not a lot of games go into that sort of surrealness that comes with the topic. There is really only one thing that I saw that needs to be looked into going forward. Its a pretty small thing but when the control overlay pops up, at least on the Mac V003, the W is off center compared to the rest. I don't know if its just my computer being stupid or what but its something that can add more polish if corrected.Good luck moving forward on this, I can't wait to see whats next for this.

Love the concept, its a really funny little quirky style.

Theres just few things that need a little polish,

Restarting the game and getting to where you start the gameplay results in a blue screen with the cursor.

The hit boxes need a little work, they seem to be just slightly off. Im talking like maybe a few inches or so off. Especially in the briefcase area, it can make it really challenging to select the right contract.

Other then that it was a funny experience, I wish there was a little more in terms of gameplay simply because I love the interactions with each character. Keep up the great work!

Not a bad game concept but heres some advice from a fellow game dev to another 

For the controls screen I would add more information other then just displaying the arrow keys and leaving it up to the player to figure out

Maybe figure out a way to by pass a single small slime other then jumping or maybe add that info into the controls page. 

Other then that I liked the game play it was clean and preformed well. 

Hope this helps. Can't wait to see the final product :3 

Hey just played the Updated version of the game and loved it. I only have one "grievance" (if you can really call it that its more of a suggestion i guess idk) is that when a player respawns on the box with the "E" key the box could be facing the opposite way that it was before the crash. So then when you do get up and back on the box you'd go backwards before you realize it. As a game dev myself I have 2 ideas that I'd gladly share here with you. 1. You could create a graphic that can be placed on the box to denote the way the box is facing (Ex. putting something like a "this side up" sign on the back) 2. This one is a little more coding heavy but you could also try tweaking the code of your box movement to move the direction your facing (Ex. regardless of which end is facing forward the "W" and similar input commands will push the box forward with the camera view instead of it being object based. You can still do a reverse with this method). Other then that Its truly an awesome game with a little quirky charm to it. Hope this helps and may you have great success with this project. Cant wait to see how the game ends up .

A very nice stylized game, I know you've said this was a project for a degree program and as a fellow student doing the same I thought i might leave some feedback for improvement nothing crazy but just ideas to sit and think over

1. For the menu options everything doesn't need a confirmation box deleting some of theses from the code like the one for when you die and click restart level we don't need to confirm at that moment because of the only two options we have on that screen.

2. maybe get rid of the health bars over enemies, it can be process intensive on the computer having to check the enemies on screen and do the math in the split seconds while your firing down range

3. The bullet animations, I like the idea of them being tracer like rounds but i think this also maybe adding to the lag the game gives. again going back in line with twos point of lag to produce the visual feedback

Like i said before its a great game, I like the concept and the art style you went with going into the project but I think the stylization came before the games ability to run somewhere in production. It might be simply the stuff I listed above all the code for some of that extra stuff might be bogging down the computer.

Love to see how your work progresses from here mate

Good luck


let me start off with great game love the concept. Only thing I'm seeing as a i play is when i find a melee weapon to keep and use the name always ends in clone.

Other then that theres sometimes the photos on the wall that are possessed sometimes have a little z clipping action with the wall other then then those two things its a great sound game for it to be in alpha. keep it up

Absolutely love it. Captures the Doom, Quake, and Heretic experience to a tee.

Amazing, made me feel as if i was there. The best parts were the 2nd half interactions :3 Keep up the good work