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Not a bad game concept but heres some advice from a fellow game dev to another 

For the controls screen I would add more information other then just displaying the arrow keys and leaving it up to the player to figure out

Maybe figure out a way to by pass a single small slime other then jumping or maybe add that info into the controls page. 

Other then that I liked the game play it was clean and preformed well. 

Hope this helps. Can't wait to see the final product :3 

I agree with the controls.  Could make it more obvious there are extra button options to select.  And made it so you can walk through small slimes, as it wasn't adding anything beyond the first jump-stomp moment.  Now small slimes are more convenient.

Added a secret ending, if you complete the game carrying an unusual slime... :P

I got the secret ending the first time, didn't know it was a secret.