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Dysmaton - A cyberpunk / post-apocalyptic adventure (demo released)

A topic by silverspook created Jul 23, 2017 Views: 529 Replies: 2
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"Dysmaton" is Silver Spook Games' latest Project!  Formerly known as "Forgotten City", this demo version was created as part of the  Adventure Game Studio Monthly Competition.  

"Creating new homeworlds always means a lot of trial and error. Our world... well, this one's an error."


Settlers of a new space colony got off to a rocky start, but eventually built up a happy, thriving metropolis... Then the machines took over.  Noria, a young engineer, lost everything the day the automated police forces went haywire. Now, on this failed new homeworld, she needs to survive the hostile environment, dodge the malevolent machines lurking everywhere, and manage her own painful memories of lost family and broken hopes.

The Creators Christian Miller (Neofeud) - Art, Programming, Game Design, Game Story Knux Vee One (Chaos Nova) - Original Story Laura Loolaid (Chaos Nova) - Story consultant

If you'd like to see this game completed, please consider becoming a Patreon Patron to support this one-guy indie in development of a full game!  

Also, check out Neofeud, an immersive cyberpunk point-n-click, over 10 hours in length, by Silver Spook Games.   

Player Feedback

"Awesome art, setting and game play, great work, even for a short game promises a lot. And I was glad to see I didn't instantly died when letting the robot see me. (nod) Voice acting top notch. Very well done." 2017-07-14 21:41:40 by Cassiebsg

"This demo has fantastic visuals and atmosphere, but it's just a small taste of what's to come. Still, Silverspook paints a well written and visualized world with a promising protagonist." 2017-07-12 14:16:28 by Blondbraid

"Although this was just a small taster for a larger project, this has got everything: badass music, great art & animation, decent voice acting, a couple of nice puzzles and heaps of cool. If I was ever on the fence about buying Neofeud, this has pushed me off of it (into the yes garden)." 2017-07-12 05:03:38 by Stupot+

Latest screenshot / work-in-progress from Dysmaton.  I call it, "Coworking"

"I'm sorry. Your cinnamon chai latte delivery could not be completed. We will require additional information to verify your account."

In other news, don't hold me to this, but it looks like I'll be having a chat with AGS veteran and adventure game maker extraordinaire, Fitz next weekend!  Stay tuned!

Hey all! Long time no post! Dysmaton progress is progressing as fast as humanly possible, as I'm also working on publicizing the other (completed) Silver Spook Game, Neofeud. Here's a little teaser of some of the most recent work that I'm pretty happy with:

I call this one, "Sun Goddess".  It took me a loooooong time to sort this out, about two weeks in all, but I think I've finally nailed what I was envisioning. Yes, there is some definite Blade Runner 2049 influence in there as I had seen the movie twice during the course of working on this. And the scene is definitely suppose to exude that Tyrell/Wallace "timeless, near-godly grandeur".

I'm going to look into animating the reflections in that pool of water there.  If I can get Roger Deakins or Ridley Scott to help me with the gold-aquatic lighting, it would also be much appreciated, lol.