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Diesel Railcar Simulator

A topic by Lapioware created Jul 22, 2017 Views: 1,132 Replies: 11
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First train driving simulator on Itch? In this sim you try to drive trains in a safe, punctual and economical way. It's an old-school simulator in the sense that it actually tries to simulate the reality instead of making a joke about it.


Looks good, thanks for sharing

Fantastic. knee-jerk reaction brought this simulator, and very happy. great looking little sim. also can run wonderfully on my laptop, so finally a train simulator i can take with me. the potential hours of content is mind-blowing!

Thanks, I'm glad to hear you're pleased with it and that all the days I spent optimizing the code were not in vain!

Can I ask for one free trial or free download? I saw you on trainsim but sadly I missed everything and all codes are gone. xD Would be happy. <3

There might be a couple of new free codes in the future to go with the updates, so keep an eye on the trainsim thread!

Could you please remember me and save me one? :D With my luck I will probably miss it. :/ Thank You 

I'm sorry but the problem is that it wouldn't be fair to those who paid for it, if I just gave out a free copy to anyone who asked for one. :)

Deleted 3 years ago

I understand this. :D I don't want it free tbh. I would be just more comfortable to buy it on STEAM because I LOVE to show off my games to everyone because I'm proud of games I buy. :) I asked because I can't wait that long for steam release. :X Well I will try to check the damn trainsim. :D

If you can tell me that you released some codes on Trainsim, that will be great. We have some site, also named "trainsim" so we could do a review.

Ok, please contact me via e-mail and tell me more about the website you represent.

Sure. :) Give me some time please, I have to work soon and also I'm making driver license. :D It's quite too much right now. :) I will find your email ( I have it somewhere!)

Ellcz and others, here's your chance to win a free copy of the sim!

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