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Lost In Space - An arcade bullet-hell shooter without enemies and without bullets !

A topic by Tim Krief created Jul 21, 2017 Views: 301 Replies: 3
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Hello girls and guys !

I've been coding and tweaking this game for years now to try and make the best experience I can. It became an addicting game for my friend and my family, so I decided to share it with the world on!

Lost In Space is an arcade game. You play as a ship in space (moved with the mouse) You have to stay alive as long as you can, dodging or destroying (shoot with click) asteroids. You can go faster (by pressing down space bar) but it's dangerous.


  • Crazy asteroids getting bigger and bigger
  • Speed increasing by wave system
  • Energy that play the role of life/ammo/fuel at once
  • Light speed mode (by pressing down space bar)
  • Two shooting mode (short click, long click)
  • Pellets that give you Energy
  • Magnet bonus that attracts pellets
  • 3 space ships
  • A tutorial
  • Colors ! 
  • ...

My personal high score is 0.496

I'm glad to finally share my game with you. But this is only the first release. I plan on making updates ! 

What do you think about this first release ? What do you want to see in next updates ? Help me make this game greater !

Try the game


Thanks for sharing, looks great

Thank you 😁 

Hello everyone ! 

I just published  the biggest update so far !

What's new? Almost everything!

  • There are now 3 space ships to choose from
    • space square is your good old ship
    • sphere saphire has some magnet abilities
    • sharp ship can slow down time
  • There is a new beautiful screen to select your ship 
  • There is a tutorial
  • The UI can be next to the ship or at the bottom of the screen, use H to switch from one mode to the other
  • You can share your score on the social networks with F for facebook and T for twitter
  • The asteroids have been re-designed, 
    • their color change with distance, try to discover new colors by beating your score
    • big asteroids are more dangerous than little ones
  • Game over screen is 2.5 times cooler !!!!
  • The title screen is different
  • A new in-game background style 
  • The Ship trail bug has been fixed
  • ...

What do you think about lost in space now? 😀