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[Hobby/Unpaid] [Composer] Looking for games to write music for!

A topic by Rowan Evans created Jul 20, 2017 Views: 409 Replies: 12
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Hi I'm Rowan and I would like to compose music for your game and am interested in collaborating in any projects.

I can write in a wide variety of styles and have only done music for a couple games so far but am wanting to do much more!

Samples of my work


  • Currently in second year of an undergrad music degree
  • 10 years of playing the guitar
  • 10 years of playing the Euphonium
  • 7 years of playing the Piano
  • Specific academic interest in game audio

Hardware and Software

I have a home studio which I am currently adding to which consists of the following:

  • Macbook Pro
  • M-Audio Oxygen 25 MIDI Keyboard
  • Roland JD-Xi Hybrid Synthesiser
  • Many acoustic instruments
  • Logic Pro X

Contact me

Nice tracks ! i will need musics for my currents projects so im gonna keep your mail next to me ;)


Okay!! When you need something message me and I can see if I'm able to do something !!

I want to get to a bit further along before I start looking for musicians and voice actors, but i LOVE your music style, so ill try to keep you in mind when looking for musicians. 


Thanks so much! Just shoot me an email when you are needing some music and we can talk then!

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You have a very excellent style! I was wondering if maybe you could compose a couple tracks for my game? It's for Post-Apocalyptic jam and your style would totally suit that world. I say a couple since I know composition can take awhile, and there's only 26 days left in the jam so I might have to mix originals and a few CC license tracks xD


Would you like to talk about this further on a chat service such as Skype/Discord - I would like to know more about this! 

Sure, we could discuss through Skype~ I will send you my Skype to your e-mail, or send an invitation if this is what you use for it ^.^


Hey there! I'm currently making a horror game and am in need of good sound. Would you be interested in helping?

Would you like to contact me via my email to discuss this further?

Will do


Did you receive my email?

Sorry i only jut replied