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Nakawak - a Love Letter to the GameBoy and Metroid

A topic by Anxious Neck Games created Jul 19, 2017 Views: 335 Replies: 1
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Nakawak is an ode to my childhood. Metroid was my first gaming love and Metroid II was, naturally, my first GameBoy love as well. But Nakawak isn't a total Metroid clone, as it has a style all its own.

Full game available now:

Game description:

Deep beneath a vast metropolis, a monster has had an awakening. Unlike the other mindless creatures infesting the dark depths, he has a name. He is Nakawak. And he yearns for freedom from this place. But first he will have to destroy the three Great Beasts and break the magical Seal.

Explore! Power Up! Escape!

Over 20 enemies inhabit these dark spaces.
Do battle with three massive bosses, each more challenging than the last.
Four powerful abilities!
Heaps of powerups!
Five interconnected worlds

Nakawak is the Metroidvania for all classic Metroid fans!!!

Full game is available now, here:

Obviously a lot of care went into Nakawak. Unlike most “retro” titles the content here pays respect to told consoles as opposed to glaringly overextending their limits. On the flip side I’d rather play this then deal with an original gameboys blurry screen. Since Metroid II part 2 ain’t coming out anytime soon this may be of interest.