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GMS: 2 Mac Demo not working

A topic by nickav created Jul 18, 2017 Views: 519 Replies: 5
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Anyone have any success with the Mac Demo? I imported the sample project and ran the app but none of the lua code seems to be running. lmk


Hello, I would need to see the debug output (either from GMS or from terminal on Mac side, depending on GMS version and luck) to be able to guess the possible reasons. The right source is told apart by a number of lines mentioning OpenGL, which is followed by information on extensions being loaded and errors when they aren't.

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I have the sample project that I'm using for GMS2. here are the system log and the game maker console. though I can't seem to get GMS to run in Debug Mode. not sure if that's helpful. anything else I can try? I really want to get this working I think it will speed up my prototyping speed tremendously

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Okay, re-reading that, I take it that you mean the GMS2 Mac beta rather than the Mac target for GMS2 on Windows?

Should try on a blank project, but I'm not sure if the debugger is actually implemented in Mac beta yet - I remember reading that it was in the works because the original debugger would not function on Mac due to using too many Windows-specific features.

It should still log some information into the "compile form" though.

I'll try setting up the mac beta on the mac I have to investigate this when the time permits.

Yes, I'm using the GMS2 Mac beta. I don't think the debugger is implemented, or if it is it definitely doesn't run. I don't see any errors, it just looks like normal output (what I linked above). It seems like the library calls may just be returning 0 (erroring or not finding the functions). I created a simple dylib on Mac and it wasn't working at first. Then I recompiled using the first two lines of your script here and the calls started working.

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I'm using pretty much the same script for this, plus the slightly tweaked makefiles for Lua (included) because of GMS requiring dylibs to be 32-bit. Could be that old thing with dylib->dylib references - I should probably try compiling Lua+Apollo into a single dylib again later.