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My Top Picks From GMTK Game Jam (with gameplay)

A topic by LawrenceParry created Jul 18, 2017 Views: 653 Replies: 6
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These are my favorite games so far from the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam (2017). 776 people entered so there are definitely still some gems out there. Anything stood out to you? Post it below!

Water Gunner - CowThing: Defend the forest against fire enemies! Use your water gun to put out the fires and water plants. Plant seeds to grow plants! Your water is also your health, be careful when your water is low.

Light Well Fountain - Caresi Labs: A platformer where you switch worlds on jump. Find the missing objects and restore the balance. Find your heart <3

Warden - Evan E Gibbs: The game is all about a Mouse with a shield, and I tried putting in as much as you can do with that as possible. The shield lets you block things, of course, but you can also hold it above your head to float and hold it down to bounce off of dangerous objects (and go higher than you can normally jump).

Trouble In Space - Togimaro & Hygon: In this game all the actions are related to the rocket engine of the spaceship. You can kill enemies and open doors if you have enough speed. Enemies damage your engine but you can repair your engine by killing enemies. You can pick up an explosion powerup for your engine. Some enemies are only vulnerable to explosions, but the explosion power damages your engine.

Command Prompt_ -  Cyber Twilight: Command: prompt_ is a shooter that forces the player to manage their actions: if you shift the game to an easier mode by shooting enemies that favour you, your score multiplier will decrease. If you want to increase it again, you'll have to shoot an enemy with an effect that’s bad for you - like, say, reducing your own movement speed. Balance between difficulty and multipliers to achieve the best score you can. And if, for some reason, you want to quit this awesome game, you know what to do… just shoot something!

Go check out the games at the links provided. If you entered don't forget to vote!

I can't add this to the list but I would also love for some people to try my own submission CtrlX shown at the end of the video

I'm so thrilled that you found our game to be a top pick! <3 It fills my heart with glee to know these 48 hours were worth so much for us! ^w^

I'd have put your pick on the list, but you already put it on the video and totally reasonably so - your game is awesome!

Thanks Cyber Twilight, I wish I had recorded more of your game so that I could have got some better gameplay in the video :( Anything you think I should try?

I played a couple of great games from the Jam - Pool Party is one (Can't remember the link right now), and the other one is Wired - MASSIVE props to this one!

That wired game is crazy, I thought it was broken until I read the instructions XD. Good suggestion. Link and description for anyone else who wants to play: 

Wired - ElementalBinary The game starts with you not being able to move, jump, shoot  or do anything(except hover). You must bind the controls yourself by hooking up the controls yourself... The catch you only have 4 inputs and 12 outputs, so you must strategically connect the inputs and output. After 10 seconds the game start and you must take out the enemies without dying. Try to get as many kills as you can.

Pool Party - Vivid Legends. Duke it out with the habitats  of the pool table and see how long you can survive. Use WASD to move and the mouse to pole vault your self.

Try mine, I'm really happy with how it came out: Destroyer of Destroyers ☺