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Thanks Cyber Twilight, I wish I had recorded more of your game so that I could have got some better gameplay in the video :( Anything you think I should try?

I played a couple of great games from the Jam - Pool Party is one (Can't remember the link right now), and the other one is Wired - MASSIVE props to this one!

That wired game is crazy, I thought it was broken until I read the instructions XD. Good suggestion. Link and description for anyone else who wants to play: 

Wired - ElementalBinary The game starts with you not being able to move, jump, shoot  or do anything(except hover). You must bind the controls yourself by hooking up the controls yourself... The catch you only have 4 inputs and 12 outputs, so you must strategically connect the inputs and output. After 10 seconds the game start and you must take out the enemies without dying. Try to get as many kills as you can.

Pool Party - Vivid Legends. Duke it out with the habitats  of the pool table and see how long you can survive. Use WASD to move and the mouse to pole vault your self.