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Ideas Sticky

A topic by Bayat Games created Jul 17, 2017 Views: 712 Replies: 6
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You can post your ideas/improvements here.

We are here to listen.


Well, first the most obvious is the lack of music :( and second the speed of everything in general, everything is kinda "stiff", I think that in a game were you got a character that just run you have to make everything else the most interesting you can like for example Bit. Trip Runner or a classic like Sonic. I like the art style and the character is cute (reminds me of super meat boy) :) That's it, I hope I could help ;) bye 


Hi, thanks for you recommendations.

Could you recommend some musics to us? (We have searched for musics but we don't found any good fit for it.)

What do you mean by speed of everything? Please provide an example.

Any help is appreciated.


Well, if the game is intended to be free to play you can use any free to use song, like the ones from Bensound or Youtube Audio Library channel, just to name a couple, they have hundred of songs . When I talk about the speed I mean like in general in the running games genre everything is very fast-paced or it turns uninteresting very quick :( I gave you two exmples before, I leave you one more here 


Oh, so you mean the speed of the game, it is normal because it is the Runner version of the main game. now what is your idea to fix the speed of the game? decrease the character speed?

The main game is a RPG game that is in development. this will have character fights, dungeons and more dangerous enemies.

The Runner version lets you gather coin and spend coins the RPG game to buy items and stuff.

It would be awesome to hear more ideas about the game from you.

Also thanks for sharing interesting audio sources, but we are looking for more awesome music! We will share our selected music with you and all players, to get feedback.


Need specific step-by-step instructions -- not for the experts but for beginners who would like to learn how to design the game with Unity


Red Runner source code is published to GitHub at right now.

You can get it now from here.

Hope you enjoy it!

You can check it and learn how to design a game like it.