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The alternate ending was interesting.  Noticed the sign/plague that says, "Robert Hill, False Accusations."

Not sure why the demo vid says, "Intense 1(one) button combat" game.  Intense - yes.  One button - that's rather subjective.

I played this game using Windows 11, and I find the keyboard control not so fluid. For example: there is a slight pause after an axe chop.

The game has simple game mechanics with great gameplay potentials; however, the isometric keyboard layout is awkward with no options to change the key mapping.

Need specific step-by-step instructions -- not for the experts but for beginners who would like to learn how to design the game with Unity

If you could provide the codes, that would be wonderful.  The course used UE last year and we're looking to transition to Unity starting this Fall semester.  Thanks!

Thank you for providing the assets.  Does it come with a demo game for educational purposes?