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Primate Dogma

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played it in normal mode, died 73 times because I never really get the hand of the wall-jump but it was fun :)

thanks for the gameplay, I was really stuck at the platforms part :(

Replied to Bayat Games in Ideas

Well, if the game is intended to be free to play you can use any free to use song, like the ones from Bensound or Youtube Audio Library channel, just to name a couple, they have hundred of songs . When I talk about the speed I mean like in general in the running games genre everything is very fast-paced or it turns uninteresting very quick :( I gave you two exmples before, I leave you one more here http://www.minijuegos.com/juego/canabalt 

Awesome! really fun :)

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Well, first the most obvious is the lack of music :( and second the speed of everything in general, everything is kinda "stiff", I think that in a game were you got a character that just run you have to make everything else the most interesting you can like for example Bit. Trip Runner or a classic like Sonic. I like the art style and the character is cute (reminds me of super meat boy) :) That's it, I hope I could help ;) bye 

Hi, send me a email to: charliesan763@gmail.com

Thanks for sharing :) This will come handy in my new project ;)

So happy you release it! :D I had the pleasure to beta test it and it's an awesome game. hope to play the full game in the future ;)

Thank you very much :) I have it as a side-project for the moment since we´re currently working on a much bigger one.

Created a new topic an interesting concept

It would be awesome to see a more extended similar game in the future, it has a really cool mystical feel to it :)

like I sayed I used the DA one too, I just added the shadow thingie :)

they look pretty nice, I will probably use the devianart one too, I love good pixel art :)

They look pretty neat in comparison with the 2 I made lol


They look so cute lol I´ll give them a try right away :)

Thanks a lot! I was just doing my wix site and this come really handy :) to bad that there isn´t a gamejolt one :( anyway thanks a lot :)

Estoy en eso, hasta ahora me va gustando mucho :baba: XD

Jhonny fijate la imagen de banner "avaible", no sería "available"? Ya me baje la demo, a ver que tal está :D