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I'm super happy to share my actual NV project!!! :D This is Cordelia, she is the youngest of the two main character sisters of the VN.

"Hunters in the Night" is a mature (like in seinen), adult-themed (it's not PrON :P) visual novel set in the steampunk-themed futuristic city of Neo Alexandria: a city filled with violence, drug dealers, powerful corporations, obscure cults, and "demons" running wild in the nights terrorizing the defenseless citizens.

 We follow the story of Athena and Cordelia, two sisters that -without knowing it- will be the key in the events that will change Neo Alexandria forever.

Feel free to follow it if you like It :3 I know it's not much but I'll try to update regularly :)

I just picked rpg maker mv (with a juicy discount) right now and while checking for tutorials (I'm a total noob and have never used it) I found this and I just thought this was an incredible plugin! :O I just buy it to give my support  so you can keep working on this project :) good luck!

I just played it and it has the old school survival games vibe, so yeah, nice game man.

Wow, I lasted more that I expected lol so I guess I'm cured? :D

Too bad to hear this but at least you can give it a proper ending and complete it instead of leaving it as a dead project :P I'll be waiting for the final update then :)

Thanks! Yeah, it's full of them :D It take me a lot of time learning how the rpg games mechanics works and the true is that I wanted a turn based combat but I'm just really noob at programming so that wasn't possible in 7 days :P

I just ended in time but I had trouble uploading the game (something about java idk) please include it! I just upload it like 10 minutes later :( but the game is perfectly playable :)

I just installed Sprytile a little while at it was my first time working with Blender too and it was a pleasure to finally actually do something in it :) I should ask, if I uninstall it and install this would I still be able to work with 16x16 or 32x32 tilemaps? Keep up the good work, I love this addon :D

Tha's even better :D

Looks nice :) I like the second and the last the most (starting from the left) 

If you use chrome go to configuration>advance config>managa passwords and just click the eye to see the password of the site you want, I hope that helps :)

Uno de los que más me gusto de tus juegos, los gráficos son muy lindos :) yo estoy aprendiendo construct 2 (entre otras cosas) y tus tutos me han sido de mucha ayuda más de una vez ;) 

The game is simple but fun to play, the art is great :) Really nice work.

Hi, I liked the Comic themed UI and the characters :) A little suggestion I have is less shadows on the character faces, the shadows add A LOT of age to a character, however, I'm a fan of people doing their own art instead of using free sprites :) I can't give an opinion about the story but I really liked Emily.

(btw: you are supposed to put the game icon in the first folder or it just shows the default Ren'py icon)

(and the october rainbow jam page needs more love; it's looks flat and boring :P) 

This game is really nice. I hope you made it into a full game :)

Month 6! I'm getting there :D

Really fun, I died at the first opportunity I had :P Who eat things from strangers?! (me, I guess :D)

Thank you very much for the kind words! :) I must say that your submission, Devil Garden, is really fun. I love characters like Squidley :D

Thanks!, happy you like it :)

I just found the dead agent, pick the note and I guess I have to tipe something in the typewritter but I can't find what :P I believe it has something to do with the blood spots on the note. I like the ambient and the characters, really good and original :)

Mine is the "extreme suitcase" :D I would had love if a bucket tool  were available (and tablet support) but it was pretty fun :)

Is nice to see a 2 players game once in a while :) It really colorful and I liked it but enemies size (for me) is a problem, because just 2 of them are almost the complete screen height :P It's makes really hard to avoid the hit while playing with both characters at the same time. A singlepayer option would be nice. 

Really good game, challenging and fun :) I really liked the SNES-like graphics.

Pretty nice! :) the vacuum cleaner is a really interesting weapon, I just had a bad time trying to understand the jet system but this is a really fun game to play.

It was in Chrome, I use it most of the time but I test it in Opera and it runs at normal speed :P maybe something to do with  java? 

Nice game! :D I ended it here and I was about to comment that it was pretty slow, but the I play it in the pico page at the normal speed and it's was even better :) Any idea why here it runs so slow? 

Thanks a lot!, you nailed the concept in the review, the idea was a comeback to old-school game with no explanation and more of a "figure it out" feeling. The player start the game and looses with no explanation of what's going on and it's forced to catch-up quick :D   

Nice! Quite challenging to know that you have a gun but you can't use it :) I like the death screen and the meme one too XD

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I'm sorry, coming soon!

pretty cool! I like it :)

played it in normal mode, died 73 times because I never really get the hand of the wall-jump but it was fun :)

thanks for the gameplay, I was really stuck at the platforms part :(

Well, if the game is intended to be free to play you can use any free to use song, like the ones from Bensound or Youtube Audio Library channel, just to name a couple, they have hundred of songs . When I talk about the speed I mean like in general in the running games genre everything is very fast-paced or it turns uninteresting very quick :( I gave you two exmples before, I leave you one more here 

Awesome! really fun :)

Well, first the most obvious is the lack of music :( and second the speed of everything in general, everything is kinda "stiff", I think that in a game were you got a character that just run you have to make everything else the most interesting you can like for example Bit. Trip Runner or a classic like Sonic. I like the art style and the character is cute (reminds me of super meat boy) :) That's it, I hope I could help ;) bye 

Hi, send me a email to:

Thanks for sharing :) This will come handy in my new project ;)

So happy you release it! :D I had the pleasure to beta test it and it's an awesome game. hope to play the full game in the future ;)