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Set 1 (bugs/ideas/questions)

A topic by noahphense created Jul 15, 2017 Views: 152 Replies: 4
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Set 1 (bugs/ideas/questions)
For developer(s), as requested.

* (note) metal workbench (level 2 workbench, cost me nothing to learn)

EDIT (above) apparently I was tired when writing this one, you don't need to learn the L2 bench as it is inside of the L1 bench.

* (note) have mining stop, if user opens his inventory, otherwise they can mine stone/metal/trees while they are AFK -- ie. if you start mining, and open inventory, you will mine forever, without touching mouse or keyboard

* (bug) animal movement noise still there on animal death, goes away after the audio file runs out 

* (bug) attacked through walls, i dont seem to have a problem after I make the foundation out of stone

* (question & idea) how do spawn locations work?  How about every time you sleep in a bed, that becomes your new spawn location?

EDIT (above) .. I saw how you created one during one of your YT vids.

* (question & idea) day and night cycles?  (a) I started in day mode, as everyone does, but I've yet to see another day cycle, always night time.  (b) maybe have a real time clock on the screen somewhere, to indicate day and night

EDIT (above) .. I think I see morning coming!  woot.. would be nice to have either a clock, or some other form of indicator .. but it's totally just an idea..

* (bug) after a save and load, and I continue to build my floors, the direct is off and is not fixable, but then if I do a game save and load up the same file again, the "floor" material is all proper and the correct direction

* (idea) add rotation to "base" and "floor" materials (after the above is fixed)

* (idea) add snapping to window inserts

* (idea) add snapping to staircase rails (wood/stone/metal)

* (idea) when we destroy stuff in your inventory, get half of the resources back?

* (idea) get partial resources back if you break down any previously built item or structure.  I see we get some resources back when we break a "floor" material, but would be nice to get some materials back for anything we destroy, metal axes, even guns, give some wood and metal.. just thinking out loud

* (idea) saved games, add "timestamps", also sort saved game list by date and then by timestamps (not alphabetical)

* (idea) kill all noises while in pause state (ESC key menu) -- I get weird noises when in the ESC menu, and I'm not really sure the game is paused

* (idea) furnaces, allow it to emit light, like the torch

* (idea) use stamina while mining



Hi Noah, Wow! and its only round 1! Haha.

Awesome! thank you very much!

I'm currently working on an update that I'm trying to upload as soon as possible (Hopefully tomorrow), the update focuses on moving the items from one place to another much much quicker. 

For example: move items from inventory to storage with one click, and the other way around, replace and switch items from inventory to the hotbar/quick selection.

I'll go through all the ideas/bugs you mentioned and will see if am able to add them with the next update(1.8.8), other wise it'll be in 1.8.9.

Thanks again, cheers!

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Sorry, what I do is play and have an editor open, pause the game and go jot stuff down.  Please don't need to look at these lists as "to-do" lists, as it is not my game.  Look at them, then prioritize what you feel and think should be addressed first/last, etc..  I and many others are really enjoying the game, so that is why there is so much input from our side.

The GUI items you mentioned above are awesome, it will save a lot of time getting organized with inventory and storage management.

Looks like I was able to change the title to "Set 1", so my next list I'll do "Set 2", etc.

I look forward to any and all updates.

Keep up that awesome coding!


PS -- I will always try to update the OP with edits, as long as it allows me to.


No worries, All feedback is welcome!

I'll be uploading an update today which will fix/have few of the things you mentioned.

To answer the question regarding the spawn point, you'll have to craft a Flag and place it where ever you want.

You can use it as a spawn point and/or to place an icon on your map (And others if in multiplayer) 

Thanks again!

Roger that about the spawn point, was just coming back in to scratch that off the list, as I saw you do it in one of your YT vids.