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List of API endpoints?

A topic by phoopee3 created Dec 18, 2015 Views: 755 Replies: 4
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Is there a list of API endpoints somewhere? I haven't really be able to find anything. I did see that you can put .xml at the end of the urls to get xml data back, but is there a way to get json instead? I noticed you can't do which is what I was interested in implementing.


Our API docs are pretty sparse right now, much the API used in the app isnt finalized so I don't want to publish it too soon. Here's what'd documented so far:

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ok that's fine. I was going to try to write something for the app that would allow the user to search for a game. If there's no api for that right now maybe I could just get the ground work done and wait for the api. I'll see how far I get


There's now an undocumented search endpoint if you're interested: and a work in progress pull request for searching:

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hi, this kind of interesting... i know has been releasing desktop client for some month ago, but i want to trying to use API instead... i want to make, uh maybe you can say "another desktop client" version. i can use some stuff from, for example showing latest game feeds, or top sale from, and etc. but i need some user information from your's API. did your's API for third party like me is available ?