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Problems adding screenshots when designing my page

A topic by Martzlab000 created Jul 09, 2017 Views: 156 Replies: 5
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Hi, I'm new here...

I recently tried to add screenshots of my game when designing my game page. I have tried many times but they do not appear ...

And I do not know what I'm doing wrong .. could someone help me ?,  

Sorry and thank you very much beforehand.


Is your game the kind that's played in the browser? Those use a full-width page layout that doesn't include the screenshots. Rest assure they're still being shown correctly in other places on the website, such as the pop-up when someone hovers with the mouse over your game in a listing.

Yes, my game is played in the browser.

ok, but how can I change full-width page layout? so that can see the screenshots?


You can't, the layout is picked automatically. Frankly, I could never understand why it's even different in the first place, since the game's iframe always just sits on top of all the other page content, and wouldn't impact the sidebar. But that's how it works.


oh well.. ok!, i understand. thanks you very much for help me.

You have been a great help.


We'll have some more layout options coming out soon that will make it easier to make them visible. In the meantime you can embed images into the description of the page. I still recommend uploading screenshots into the screenshots area on the edit page since we pull those to display elsewhere on the site when linking to your game.