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app & html game

A topic by SpaceTruckerGames created Jul 08, 2017 Views: 374 Replies: 6
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I'm selling an html game (the bottomless pits of d'oh):

I've uploaded
-, playable in the browser (for free)
-, downloadable for a fee

that seems to work ok from the site, but I'm facing problems with the itch app:

if I set compatibility to win/osx/linux, installs ok but no exe is found. I've added an .itch.toml alongside index.html:

name = "play"
path = "index.html"
name = "manual" <- as a test
path = "./index.html"

which seems totally ignored

if I don't set any compatibility the app installs and successfully launches the free version! an additional issue is that I'm locking the pointer in javascript and the esc key doesn't seem to work (at least in linux mint serena)

is there something else I'm supposed to do?

maybe there should be "web" besides win/osx/linux/android so that the app would launch index.html by itself?



The next version of the app will handle that beautifully.

The problem right now is that the only way to mark an upload as "html" is to make it "Playable in the browser" (and thus, free). So technically the site isn't set up to let you sell HTML games. But in the next version, the app will treat games as "probably native, but also potentially HTML" so if it doesn't find any native executables and it finds an index.html, it'll treat it as an HTML game. No need for a manifest.

Until then.. sorry for the trouble :(

still no luck with v23.4.2...

about the lockpointer issue, is there something you can/should do or should I handle it from within? also on linux mint after closing the game window (alt-f4), the pointer stays hidden (not locked) in the itch app. this doesn't happen on windows10 nor macos.


Yeah, but next verison I meant v25 - v23.4.2 was a quick bugfix release, ont the next major version.

I have no idea what the lockpointer issue is caused by, I'll have to take a look at your game specifically.

Sorry for the delay, v25 is an important release for performance and reliability and we want to make sure we get it right :)

v25, fair enough :) is there an ETA?

pressing ESC, doesn't unlock the pointer as it should (and I'm not receiving the  pointerlockchange event I get in usual browsers). in the end as an easy workaround I'm unlocking it myself on esc and space keypresses. so that's kind of fixed for me (except the alt-f4 thing of course).

but... I have yet another problem! my canvas is a square I'm resizing to fit any window size. but while resizing the window it seems that all the metrics are wrong. my square canvas even gets squished horizontally. another thing, when the game window or the app window is minimized, a menu appears on the game window (File, Edit, View, Account, Help)...



Just tried the full version in the upcoming v25 and:

  • It installs and launches fine
  • Fullscreen & pointer capture works (probably because of your workarounds) - although when getting out of fullscreen, sometimes only the game canvas/background get resized, not the controls on the left
  • I'm seeing the same resizing issues

I'll look into all of these (not seeing them in desktop Chrome) - I think some of them might be due to what the itch app tries to do with canvas games by default (so they fit in the full window), I might have to adjust the heuristics

No ETA yet on v25, still got a bunch of testing to do!

alright, thanks for your time! :)