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"Free projects don’t have download keys..."?

A topic by GreenTreeGames created Jul 07, 2017 Views: 144 Replies: 3
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I am reading the File Access information on this page:

Under Download Keys & URLs, I am not understanding this pair of sentences:

  • You, the project owner, generates one from the project edit page
Free projects don’t have download keys since the files are publicly available. Someone will not own a game just by downloading it for free.

What does this really mean? If I have a game in development and want to Restrict Access to just our development team, then I want to be able to issue them (and only them) download keys. But I certainly am not going to put a "price" on the game while it is in development and internal to the team only. Thus the game is listed as "Free" on the Dashboard. So.... can I get download keys or not?  

Said another way, how do I set up Restricted Access, with the ability to create download keys for only our team, yet not set a price on the game while it is in development?


You can simply keep the game as Draft, or Restricted -- see under Visibility&access at the bottom of the edit page. That way, only people who know about the game in the first place will be able to access it.

That makes sense, and my plan is to move it to "Restricted". It's just that the phrasing of the quoted text on the site is at best confusing, and at worst contradictory. Perhaps a suggested edit for the website to clarify what is meant:

  • Free PUBLIC projects don’t have download keys...

Therefore, by contrast, "Restricted" projects (even if listed as "Free" during the development stage) will have the ability to use downloads keys to carefully manage distribution to team members. Just a thought.

Thanks for taking the time to reply! :-)


Thanks for the feedback, I've updated the text to make it a bit more clear. Tell me if you think it's still confusing.