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Treelogy - early access

A topic by Tortue created Jul 04, 2017 Views: 174 Replies: 3
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Be a tree! A unique and peaceful experience in a ruthless environment where you have to grow, survive and evolve to adapt to environmental conditions and disseminate all over the planet..

This is a challenging management game inspired by Nature where you have to plan, react, balance and adapt to survive.

I made a prototype long time ago and finally found the motivation to polish it and release an early version for the Grow Jam. It still in development and there are lot of great things to do! I'll do regular updates, if you like the concept (and execution) consider supporting me.

Hope you'll enjoy!

Nice! Interested in seeing this grow. I made a very similar game called "Botanical Box". I was thinking of refining Botanical Box as a new version with trees, but I guess I don't have to anymore :D. I also wanted to add different climates like you did but never got to it. I like the idea with sap as energy and that it is stored in the roots. Any plans on different tree types?

Thanks a lot! I plan to add some evolution features to adapt the tree to different regions and climatic conditions. It will be things like leaves size and shape, branches characteristics or flowers and fruits types. So from one default tree type you can create many different types over generations.  It's the idea :)

Indeed Botanical Box seems similar, I'll try  it as soon as possible!

Evolution!? Wow, I'd love to see that.