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Sorry but you have to wait the for next update, which should arrive in less than 10 years... (but I hope much sooner!)

A young blooming by Hugo K.

Damn! you're right! and it's a much better name for a game! I have to do a v2 now... Thanks! ;)

sadly you can't use seeds in this version, I have to work on it and release the next version. The idea is to use the seeds to create a new generation of trees to be more efficient and adapt to other climatic conditions. But well done to have managed to produce seeds, try to have as many as possible ;) And also you can post a screenshot of you beautiful tree :)

Thanks a lot! You get the idea, frits and flowers :) I didn't really work on it recently but it's still in my plan for sure.

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Thanks a lot for your post!

I haven't updated it for a long time but it hasn't been abandoned. I have big plans for this game, mainly the evolution of the tree characteristics (leaf size, root efficiency, symbiosis and much more) using produced seeds, enabling the new tree generation to better adapt to harsher environments. And also the management of external conditions like wind and parasites.

Unfortunately for this game, in the meantime, I found a real job and had some children :p
Also, I have bad tendency to spread over several projects and I have at least two game prototypes in progress...

But messages like yours are always a boost, giving me the motivation to continue :)
Thanks again and see you soon!

Yes :) I'll be sad if i don't implement some ideas for this game. But i don't take time currently,  I'll try to do soon. Thanks for your interest!

Thanks a lot! :)

Very nice to hear :) Thanks a lot for your support!!

sorry you can't for the moment

Thanks a lot! I'm a little busy these days but I hope to take the time soon to bring it to the next level!

haha :) thanks !

it is in the todo list ;)

Thanks, I have some ideas for futur enhancements (like biomes) but no time currently.

Wow thanks! I really enjoyed your comment :)

Thank you dear fan number One ! :D

I started this terrain generator for a unfinished game. I made a standalone web version for the procjam.  I plan to add some configurable terrain parameters, biomes and styling as well as export options.

I chose to use natural numbers to represent the photosynthesis (it seemed to me more logical) but indeed it's disturbing and finally with floating point numbers it will be much clearer. I'll try it (currently I am a little overloaded :/ ). Thanks!

It's a bit like Minesweeper game. With distance probe.

uhhh actually the goal of the game is to guess the bomb. By putting probes. Probe indicates distance. One probe only is not enough to guess the position so you have to put several probe to find a common intersection.

Thanks for your kind words :) The game gets big and so I spent time on design and organization. The next big feature (tree evolution!) requires a lot of work on different aspects and, for different reasons, I do not develop much lately.  I hope I could work more on it soon and deliver a great update! But no clearly defined time frame, sorry. 

I have to check for leaves but I know there is a problem with flowers and fruits than can really kill the tree instead of just rotting and falling. I will work on this but meanwhile you already can manually cut outer branches by clicking on them (it's in the doc in Tips section but you know i struggle a bit to have a simple and clear doc..), this is not the most convenient but it can really save your tree!

I'll also add a way to reset a level, maybe it could give some resource (like wood) depending on the current tree in the level to make something with it :)

Thanks again!

Indeed it's not really clear. I added one line about this in the Respiration section, maybe it's not enough and could be better explained but I don't want to overload the documentation (i'll do a complete guide later). Thanks for pointing this out.

yeah! Phototropism would be great.  I plan to do it (even if i didn't know the word, thanks to you), something like the higher it is, the more luminosity there is, and some shadow area to simulate the other trees around, as if we were in a forest. It'll be really interesting and add some constraints in the growth of branches. Thanks!

Thanks! I'm also amazed by the gallery :) You can add your tree too!

yep, dying fruit is in the todo list! 

Hi, evolution system is a big piece with several aspects, i'm working on it and i'll try to release a first iteration soon even if it's partial and not the final system yet.

Indeed, i forgot to explain that only root extremity collects water. I know it's not so obvious despite the visual hint (blue pulsing circles). I'll add it in the doc.

The top right chart is the climat of the region. It shows the evolution of humidity and luminosity range over one cycle (a year). You can see seasonality and periods of rain and drought. The actual value for a particular day will be in the range defined by the line thickness. In game, you can see a little white dot around the humidity and luminosity charts (top right) which indicates where you are in the cycle. (yeah I have to document this too somewhere).


no download, it's a web game. Doesn't work on mobile.

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"A balancing act" - CowsDontEatCorn  

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A 52 years old majestic tree by Asmundr.

15 years later, even better.

oh no :( I'm sorry for your tree. You spotted a real problem, it's a pity that the tree dies just for a mistake.

I like your solutions, I think the "drop seeds" button is better but I like the idea of manually drop selected flower or fruit. I'll work on it soon.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Glad to hear that! A minor update is scheduled in a few day and many exciting features will come soon!

Great! Thanks! Do not hesitate to rate the games it will help for visibility :)

ok I see. The white graduations (bottom left) indicates sap units, you must have energy and water bars above one graduation to produce a new unit of sap.

More precisely, you need several units of water (say 3) and energy (say 5) to produce one unit of sap. So if you collect 12 water and 9 energy you still produce only one sap and blue bar is 9 units above white line and yellow bar 4 units above.

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Bars at the bottom left

From left to right:

  • Consumption (brown) divided in several segments representing consumption of roots, leaves, flowers and fruits.
  • Balance (red/green) red when consume more than produce, you lose sap. green for the inverse.
  • Production (combination of yellow and blue bars), aka photosynthesis.
    • energy (yellow) from leaves
    • water (blue) from roots

Energy and water depend on weather conditions and so can go up and down, impacting the production accordingly.

Gauge at the bottom right

Your sap reserve. Impacted by the balance, i.e. it can fill up or empty more or less quickly depending on consumption and production.

You need sap to grow branches and roots. The circular indicator appearing when you extend something show you how much it will take from the sap reserve.

Why is it so unclear?

I know I have some work to make the game and interface more self-descriptive, it must be integrated to the game (because nobody reads documentation) as tutorial or tooltips. It's a bit of work.

I'm actively working on the game and i'm currently  focused on gameplay and features, which are the most important. And I don't want to spend time on explaining things that might change in a near future. But I'll do it for sure.

I hope that I have helped and that you can enjoy the game! Thanks for feedback.

The beauty of /u/nostradilmus

A big one by /u/Fury_Rigged

Good god I'm fucking ugly and I love it.


A love tree by /u/YellowHoneyBeeJacket

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The place for your wonderful trees.

Add your own!  (use the add image button or copy/past the image url in the comment)