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[Writer] Seeking Fantasy Writers for VN

A topic by ChiralPixels created 74 days ago Views: 222 Replies: 5
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I'm looking for writers for a text game inspired by the DOS game "Darklands." Rather than assigning stat points, you create characters by telling their story: where they were born, what family they come from, and your professions. As you your character gains skills and gets older, you can start the game at any point in the character's life. Great for table-top RPG people who love creating backstories for their characters. Little to no combat, think Disco Elysium rather than Baldur's Gate, so your writing won't be skipped, it IS the game.

The game is set in a fantasy world where wizards have gained tremendous power by limiting the spread of information. Heavy emphasis on lore and character rather than plot. I'm hoping for people really willing to throw themselves into this with me. Although this will likely be a freeware game, if we crowdfund or something we will share all profits equally and make the game open source. Feel free to message me here or on Discord: ChiralPixels#8916


I am a writer and I am interested to hear more about your project. 

I do have a small texted based game here on if you would like to look at that. 

I checked out your game. I like the dream-like quality of your writing! I can explain the project more on Discord or your messaging/voice chat platform of choice. Thanks for your interest.


Sorry about the wait. I sent you a request on discord. My user name is TrinketCrow. 

Hope to talk more.

If you're still looking for writers, I'm a writer of speculative fiction. You can see my short stories at and I have a dieselpunk fantasy book coming out this summer.

Hello! I'm a writer of fantasy fiction with a lot of free time on my hands at the moment. Your game sounds fascinating. I'd love to write for it. I can send you some samples of my work for reference.

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