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Friend request sent! I'm callmeren.

I tend to not be attracted to post-apocalyptic stories, but you're so good at writing characters that I made this an exception. The mystery around Zed and the plants is super fascinating, and my curiosity regarding the characters has definitely perked. Happy writing!

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Hello! I had so much fun with this game, especially with how my dynamic with Siruud is slowly developing. I was having so much fun that I was legit confused when the subway portion ended without a link to the next part lol. I look forward to what more shenanigans me and my new demonic buddy get up to hehehehe. Happy writing!

Ps. Just a small nitpick, but if you're really going to lean into the red-on-black scheme, would it be possible to make the red brighter or easier to see? Thank you!

Hello! Are you guys still looking for writers? I'd love to write for you guys. I can send you a sample of my work.

Hello! I'm a writer of fantasy fiction with a lot of free time on my hands at the moment. Your game sounds fascinating. I'd love to write for it. I can send you some samples of my work for reference.

It was very well done! Congratulations! 😊

This was so good. I didn't even mind looping through things I've already seen, because I could get through it quickly enough. It really encouraged me to experiment in ways I've never been motivated to do with other IF games. I managed to save the South, end up with Esteban, and save the world, but I didn't manage to save Suzette. I'm going to take a break then try again. And man, the sweetness of that last choice, when the title and the meaning of that single word hits you in the chest. That was pure poetry. Thank you for this game!

This is such a wonderful game. I'm obsessed with it. You've built up such an interesting world, with characters that immediately grab your reader's attention. There are so many minor characters that I half-wished were love interests lol. I look forward to seeing what happens next! Especially when things with Azad just started getting juicy 👀

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This was an amazing experience! I got it from the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, and based on my preferences alone, it was worth the price in itself. As someone who lives in a third world country, the world that unravels in this story really shook me. If climate change isn't stopped, literally half my country will be underwater, possibly more. I really connected with the situation the world building set up. It was so scary because it felt so real to me. It could definitely happen to me.

By the time I hit the ending, I was so engrossed I literally googled the game trying to find out if there was more content that I missed hahaha. Only two hours! I wanted to see more! 

I love how this game kept playing with my perception and my expectations. It really plays on what you've come to expect from stories like this. I love it.

Of course, it's not without its downsides. The first ten or fifteen minutes, I was pretty much just guessing on what were the right answers, since the choices were really vague. After that, I somehow got the logic of the game. I can't tell if it's because I memorized the choices, or I learned to think the way the game wanted me to. Probably both, especially since I didn't make any mistakes at the very end. The main gameplay loop had its flaws too. Because I had to  reread parts, I would end up clicking faster to skip them, and accidentally click a choice without looking. One time, it did lead me to dialogue I hadn't seen before, but then I had to reread a bigger chunk of text after, so it didn't feel worth it. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this game and immediately recommended it to my friends who love this kind of stuff. Thank you for this!

Edit: I'm still learning how works, so I didn't realize reviews go to a different place. Oops!