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A topic by verillious created Jun 29, 2017 Views: 420 Replies: 4
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what happened to my father? 

who is Wildcard? 

why is the government stealing people’s souls?

katabasis is a short game about dystopian governments, state of the art scan line hacking tec, and eliminating dissent.

Currently there's one gameplay video from Cryptic Hybrid that I'm aware of (of an older version) - I'd recommend playing it for yourself if you're interested though! You'll have access to the snazzy new message system (that's hopefully way less frustrating).

If you're a content creator and you feature katabasis let me know!

If you like this game and want to keep up to date with all my projects, check out my twitter @verillious


Looks great, I put it up on the homepage

Thanks so much leafo!

katabasis just got featured on Free Game Planet - "unique and unsettling"

There's also a couple more play-throughs: (again I'd recommend playing it for yourself though!)

Really enjoyable play-through of the latest (and greatest!) version of katabasis from CjuGames: