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Really snappy, funny little game. This was my favourite game from the most recent batch of games I've played!

Hey MrAlpacaGames!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! You can be sure I'll be releasing more free games (relatively) soon - I had an absolute blast making katabasis and I’m looking forward to making more stuff!

Thanks wildcard2123! Sound design was a big priority for me, glad you liked it!

No problem, glad you got it working!

Hi MikeyBlighe,

Just finished watching your play-though - really enjoyed it. It's so gratifying to see people enjoying my work, especially with the comments you made at the end there!

Thanks for sharing :)

Hi misnor, 

I'm sorry you're getting a crash - unfortunately I think this is a bug related to UE4 itself (the game engine I used to make katabasis).

I've looked up the error message and it looks like a lot of other games that use UE4 have had reports of this too (ARK, Squad etc.).

Some potential fixes I've found:

  • Rolling back your driver version (lots of people recommend this)
  • Setting "Power Management" in Nvidia Control Centre to "Prefer Maximum Performance"

Let me know how you get on when you have the time!

Really enjoyable play-through of the latest (and greatest!) version of katabasis from CjuGames:

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Hi CjuGames, I really enjoyed your video! Thanks for sharing :)

katabasis just got featured on Free Game Planet - "unique and unsettling"

There's also a couple more play-throughs: (again I'd recommend playing it for yourself though!)

Wow, thank you so much Lonelyheartproductions!

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Hi PsudoGrimm! 

I recently updated katabasis so that the player dismisses the messages whenever they want - hopefully this is a much better system! 

I also redesigned the level you're talking about so hopefully it's not so ridiculously hard now :')

Thanks for checking out the game!

Thanks shrooms! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Hi AlphaBetaGamer - check the other servers and you should find that only one of them has the right numbers! 

(if you're still stuck check out this game play video - around the 13:45 mark is where the puzzle is solved)

Let me know if you solve it!

Thanks so much leafo!

what happened to my father? 

who is Wildcard? 

why is the government stealing people’s souls?

katabasis is a short game about dystopian governments, state of the art scan line hacking tec, and eliminating dissent.

Currently there's one gameplay video from Cryptic Hybrid that I'm aware of (of an older version) - I'd recommend playing it for yourself if you're interested though! You'll have access to the snazzy new message system (that's hopefully way less frustrating).

If you're a content creator and you feature katabasis let me know!

If you like this game and want to keep up to date with all my projects, check out my twitter @verillious