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Suggestion - Notes for Uploaded Files

A topic by Levi D. Smith created Jun 26, 2017 Views: 155 Replies: 1
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I have a game with two different Windows builds.  One build is the original XNA .exe build for Windows 7 and the other build is a port to a MonoGame UWP .appx package.  Both are Windows, but different depending on the version of Windows the player is running.  There really isn't any way to differentiate the two aside from the file name, so it would be nice if I could put a note on each file, such as "Windows 7 executable" or "Windows 10 installer".

Just a suggestion.  As a workaround, I have put an explanation of each build in the install instructions and description.


Thanks for the feedback, right now we have no way to differentiate between the two from our user interface. I think renaming the file and adding a note about it is the best way, since the install instructions are separate from the file list and someone might miss reading them.