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Sandbox Play

Physics based destruction sandbox · By slojanko

Update 0.6.4 Sticky

A topic by slojanko created Jun 25, 2017 Views: 130 Replies: 6
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So for the past 3 months I had basically very little time to actually work on Sandbox Play which is why this update doesn't add anything drastic.

Switching to a newer engine of Unity is the key point of this update as it gives the game a boost of up to 15% in performance.

You can read about the rest in the update log.

I will start releasing updates in the following weeks with a lot of things planned. Hopefully it'll give the game some life back after a long break.



Keep it up, man! Lots of potential! 

Just finished a quick map after downloading the game for the first time, but I can't start playing the map without saving the game first.  Problem is, when I go to "Save map", I type a name for the map, "bridge", then click "Save map" to save it. Then, I just click "cancel" to get out of that tab and I assumed it was saved. However, as I went to click "Play map", it told me Map changes need to saved first. I went to "Load map" and clicked the dropdown tab, nothing was there. I don't want to lose this map because I can't save it even though I keep trying to. 

Any help on how to solve this?

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Could you please send me the output_log.txt inside of Sandbox_Play_Data folder? I don't have the same problem when trying to save it.

But from what you described, it looks like the Maps folder doesn't exist. Are you on an Apple computer perhaps?

hey can you add npc,more blocks,more territores,possibilty to do caves and can place water (and add lava,acid and more liquids)????? ps. im a box of idea's :Dif you need an idea of what add or (im not good at that idea's) something for the gameplay call me (dark.cerv@gmail.com or steam: mr_dark2004ITA (medic TF2)  )

What changes I'm planning for the future:
- more block shapes
- more material properties
- more maps (with ability to create and share your own)
- more explosion projectiles

What I don't plan on implementing:
- any sort of NPC
- liquid blocks

In the past I have replied to similar comments with different answers. This is the current state of my TODO list.

I would like to inform anyone who would like to keep any map stored online, to download it as soon as possible. With the update for Sandbox Play closing in, all maps created prior to this will be removed and no longer accessible.

Versions 0.6.4 and below will also not be able to save or load from GJ as a new format for maps is being used for online storage.