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Very hard but nice :)

It's fine, people move on. I still get email notifications and try to respond anyway.

I see, there's no feature like this and won't be added to the current game. I did however express ideas of a sequel before, so you can keep it in mind if I ask for requested features :) 

Hey Kajus, sounds like you're describing what the Experimental physics does in Options -> General (I think it's there?). 

Currently it's very passive because I'm employed as a game developer.  I can't really say with confidence if it's going to becomg anything more for at least a few more months...

Sorry for not replying for... 170 days.

Uploading should only be available if you have a GameJolt account as its the only API I've implemented.

Sandbox Play community » News · Created a new topic Project Status

Hello everyone,

I have seen people post on this forum here and there so I will try to explain the current status of the game.

Sandbox Play is not getting any updates unless expressed otherwise in a further update. I am currently working as a game developer in a successful company and can't take time for profitable projects and/or the possibility of leaking knowledge. I am still passively looking into starting a sequel but this is still extremely foggy.

If you have any questions, you can post them here.


I'm currently pausing the work because of other things taking priority.

I'm going to keep the game as is, unless a lot of people request any changes. 
Started working on a new game a few days ago.

The Mac version was removed as nobody was giving feedback if it even worked. I can't guarantee it being bug free since compiling for a Mac might have some permission issues.

I have actually started working on a sequel, which might have it's first release at the end of summer. The current code is too unorganized for me to pick the project back up off its feet after leaving it for more than 6 months because of University.

Really fun, hope it gets updated with more features

Could you please send me the output_log.txt again? I'll check it again. The current link has expired.

I'm currently putting this project on a halt so I'm not replying as often as I could. Can you just double check the options.ini contains "block_limit" and it's set to 9999?

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With update 0.7.0 I have figured out an inventory system that will work for just about anything. I am going to add more projectiles in the future but since implementing the different blocks took way too long, I don't know when I'll start working on it again.

I'm just not feeling like making any updates for a couple of weeks. I also have to figure out the future of this project, been working on it for 2+ years.

I have updated the game to version 0.7.0. If you still see the problem If you do, can duplicate this on another machine or send me how you achieved it?

Sandbox Play community » News · Created a new topic Update 0.7.0
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I've finally finished adding a ton of new objects into the game. There were so many that I had to make an "inventory" for them. Accessing the inventory uses the same key as for slow motion (F) for convenience. Choosing a new shape works by clicking on it, which replaces the currently selected shape in the left bar (number keys 1-5).

The update includes 24 new shapes, code reduction , optimizations and the removal of the highest physics quality. Some maps have been slightly altered to include some new shapes while 2 test maps have been added. You can read about other changes in the update log.

This was the slowest and longest update I had to do in a while. Now that school is going to start, I'll probably put the project on halt for a couple of weeks until I figure out what to add next.


I don't know. I'm working on something else right now which will take most of the month left.

That would be great. if you're really interested I can create a list of words and phrases that need translation.

Sandbox Play community » News · Created a new topic Update 0.6.7


this update isn’t anything special. Some bug fixes regarding the UI and small optimizations around the whole game.

The extra texture pack "Outline" has temporarily been removed from the project for the upcoming update to work without a problem. I am planning to release one bigger update this September so stay tuned.


Did you unzip everything? There should be 2 folders and 3 files in the zip, one of which is the Sandbox Play_Data.

Do you have any suggestions for improvements? I don't understand what you mean by "camera follows around the mouse". How else would it work, if the camera wasn't controlled with the mouse?

You can undo up to 15 steps or use the left mouse button the same as if you were creating blocks.

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Are you trying to load an online map? Please send me the ouput_log.txt file inside the Sandbox Play_Data.

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I don't have an Apple computer. All I can do is make a Mac version and hope it works. If this is fine with you, then I'll gladly upload it.

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The final product? 

So I wanna add a lot of shapes you can spawn, to build just about anything that's possible, not just the 5 you're limited to right now. We're talking a full inventory of them. After you're done building, with what could be well above 50 types of objects, you'll be able to choose from a variety of demolition objects: bombs, projectiles, black holes with varying power.

Why am I not doing it right now? Each shape requires me to model between 15-25 models separately. They need to be textured and then I have to do a lot of linking withing the game to implement the working version. The whole process can take up to 1-2 hours if I'm doing a lot of mistakes. A mistake that happens at the beginning requires me to re-do everything after that again.

Unfortunately "slojanko" has been taken so I was forced to use slojanko1. I have never used reddit before but you can email me the key to: or if reddit supports private messages, find slojanko1 which was registered a few minutes before me writing this reply.

You can use ctrl to make precise movement, but walking could definitely be useful if you're more into that. As for the selection area, I've been thinking of adding it at some point.

Sandbox Play community » News · Created a new topic Update 0.6.5

for the past week I've been constantly updating the in-game menu to offer as much functionality as I can put in. The dropdown has been replaced with a dynamic window containing previews of your maps. These thumbnails are small in size and won't require a lot more space than the map itself.

To see these changes you will need to download the latest version because the format has slightly changed from the previous.

The format for settings has switched to a simple json file for easier manipulation within the game. There were also some code improvements which should increase the performance of physics calculations.


I would like to inform anyone who would like to keep any map stored online, to download it as soon as possible. With the update for Sandbox Play closing in, all maps created prior to this will be removed and no longer accessible.

Versions 0.6.4 and below will also not be able to save or load from GJ as a new format for maps is being used for online storage.


What changes I'm planning for the future:
- more block shapes
- more material properties
- more maps (with ability to create and share your own)
- more explosion projectiles

What I don't plan on implementing:
- any sort of NPC
- liquid blocks

In the past I have replied to similar comments with different answers. This is the current state of my TODO list.

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Could you please send me the output_log.txt inside of Sandbox_Play_Data folder? I don't have the same problem when trying to save it.

But from what you described, it looks like the Maps folder doesn't exist. Are you on an Apple computer perhaps?

Sandbox Play community » News · Created a new topic Update 0.6.4

So for the past 3 months I had basically very little time to actually work on Sandbox Play which is why this update doesn't add anything drastic.

Switching to a newer engine of Unity is the key point of this update as it gives the game a boost of up to 15% in performance.

You can read about the rest in the update log.

I will start releasing updates in the following weeks with a lot of things planned. Hopefully it'll give the game some life back after a long break.


That's because I don't know how the Mac port works. I can't offer any help because I've never used it before.

Could you please try pressing the keys: AWSD and arrow keys before starting the game? Maybe the keys are jammed or something. I've never had this happen to me or anyone else. If this is the first time this has happened, try restarting your computer aswell.

Here is a download link: link
I don't know if it works and where to include the Maps and Texture Packs folder so I can't offer any assistance.

I will include a fix for this in the next update. Any resolution below the minimum will automatically reset to the default.

Sandbox Play community » News · Created a new topic Update 0.6.3
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I've decided to finally implement slow motion. You can toggle this feature on/off at any time although the resulting physics may act a bit differently compared to playing in real-time, at least for the first implementation.

Along with slow motion, a fellow artist named pokeface119 has kindly shared his texture pack. It is now available from the options menu as the "Outline" option. Changing the texture pack gives this game some more life so it's a welcome change from the default textures.

There have been some changes with how the game is designed so you should see a minor performance boost. While not being busy with slow motion I've been working on other projectiles that will be included at some point which also includes a "black hole". This creates a vortex that sucks everything around it towards the center.


Would you be willing to test the Mac OS release if I'd send it to you? I personally don't have an Apple system so I cannot test it.

Could you try updating your Nvidia graphics drivers? It doesn't seem to be a problem with the game. Since you're on a laptop, could you try running the game with your intergrated GPU by right clicking on the executable and under "Run with graphics processor" select the integrated graphics option.

Could you upload the output_log.txt inside the Sandbox Play_Data folder? Alternatively you can also paste the content of the file to and share the link here if you don't have a cloud storage account registered.