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Could you please send me the output_log.txt inside of Sandbox_Play_Data folder? I don't have the same problem when trying to save it.

But from what you described, it looks like the Maps folder doesn't exist. Are you on an Apple computer perhaps?

Sandbox Play community · Created a new topic Update 0.6.4

So for the past 3 months I had basically very little time to actually work on Sandbox Play which is why this update doesn't add anything drastic.

Switching to a newer engine of Unity is the key point of this update as it gives the game a boost of up to 15% in performance.

You can read about the rest in the update log.

I will start releasing updates in the following weeks with a lot of things planned. Hopefully it'll give the game some life back after a long break.


That's because I don't know how the Mac port works. I can't offer any help because I've never used it before.

Could you please try pressing the keys: AWSD and arrow keys before starting the game? Maybe the keys are jammed or something. I've never had this happen to me or anyone else. If this is the first time this has happened, try restarting your computer aswell.

Here is a download link: link
I don't know if it works and where to include the Maps and Texture Packs folder so I can't offer any assistance.

I will include a fix for this in the next update. Any resolution below the minimum will automatically reset to the default.

Sandbox Play community · Created a new topic Update 0.6.3
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I've decided to finally implement slow motion. You can toggle this feature on/off at any time although the resulting physics may act a bit differently compared to playing in real-time, at least for the first implementation.

Along with slow motion, a fellow artist named pokeface119 has kindly shared his texture pack. It is now available from the options menu as the "Outline" option. Changing the texture pack gives this game some more life so it's a welcome change from the default textures.

There have been some changes with how the game is designed so you should see a minor performance boost. While not being busy with slow motion I've been working on other projectiles that will be included at some point which also includes a "black hole". This creates a vortex that sucks everything around it towards the center.


Would you be willing to test the Mac OS release if I'd send it to you? I personally don't have an Apple system so I cannot test it.

Could you try updating your Nvidia graphics drivers? It doesn't seem to be a problem with the game. Since you're on a laptop, could you try running the game with your intergrated GPU by right clicking on the executable and under "Run with graphics processor" select the integrated graphics option.

Could you upload the output_log.txt inside the Sandbox Play_Data folder? Alternatively you can also paste the content of the file to pastebin.com and share the link here if you don't have a cloud storage account registered.

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There is already a way to share your maps. I implemented it with the GameJolt API, meaning I use their website to store maps online, that is why I don't let everyone upload. Only users with a GameJolt account can upload and share their maps to avoid spam. If you have a better way to remove annoying maps please tell me and I will consider it, until then an account is required for logging in before you can upload them.

I will add different blocks like doors, beds, wardrobes, light source maybe even NPC. Now that I think about it, I could make a city builder and you destroy what you make.

Sandbox Play community · Created a new topic Update 0.6.1
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after finishing all exams I finally had 2 weeks to continue work on Sandbox play. This time I'm bringing in two new blocks, UI updates and small performance tweaks.

One of the UI updates expands the edit option into a replay which quickly reloads the map and plays it for you automatically. The load option has also been split into local and online maps, making it cleaner and less confusing.

Thanks to some tutorials, I was able to figure out how to implement inventories which will be a future update. When they're released, it will include a bunch of extra blocks and destructible projectiles. Just like in Minecraft, you will be able to have a quick bar of a few blocks that you will be able to quickly create.
The process of creating blocks is sadly very slow and can take up to a couple of hours for just one block.


Can you please tell me how you did this? The steps for fixing it aren't very straightforward, you need to know how to use the Windows RegEdit.

What do you mean by "FPS part"?

The current status of the game isn't a battle simulator - that's what I think you're trying to say. I will first refine the game as is then I consider other game modes. Adding block types, textures, terrains and better performance is my main focus since the 0.6.0 update.

Space could be a second key for going up but shift is reserved for faster movement. I will consider adding control binding now that you mention it. That'll solve all the problems hopefully.

None yet but I will add some if users want them. Right now they're set to a standard form. Because I had to have a key moving you down aswell I couldn't use space for moving up unfortunately as that would create confusion.

Ah. That would be nice but even if they only became active on explosions, it would still be way too intensive to simulate them. It is already hard to find a computer that can run the game with the current status. I'm running an i5 and can't get a steady fps when there's a lot of action. The wall map is great at stressing your computer to see what frames you can expect.

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Please try "Experimental physics" in the Options section. This feature activates an object when it's either blown up or the forces applied to it are greater than the force holding it in place, greatly increasing the performance.

Other than that you can turn Physics quality to either minimum or one from that, you'll get reasonable quality and best performance.

Yes it is. It takes up to a few seconds to the maps in the dropdown list.

You need a pretty powerful computer to run the game.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I just added this as a "Edit map" option which reloads the current map. It's not yet available because I'm also working on map sharing through the GameJolt API and it still has some bugs.

What do you mean by "raw" ?

Tell me what shape should it be and I'll consider it.

I'm working on online map sharing. Creating a map with someone in real-time probably wont' be added though.

Can you tell me the steps you did? The only way for a large amount of blocks to spawn is if you hold your right mouse button down, drag and then release.

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You can view the controls in Options under Controls.

There's no way of sharing texture packs at the moment unless you contact the creator and ask him to send it to you. Currently I'm working on online map sharing which is taking quite long, unfortunately.

Not yet but I am working on a map sharing feature right now.

I'd consider it more of a mashup between Minecraft and Medieval Engineers.

I am actually working on this! I'm experiencing some trouble making a menu for it because there is no direct way of displaying a list of available maps. It will use the GameJolt API but unregistered users (like people on itch.io) will also be able to access and upload maps under a nickname with some protection in mind. I don't have a release date planned though.

I would be doing something terribly wrong if it ran slow on your computer xD

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Thank you, I love every single video made for my game! I plan to add a lot of things to it in the future.

Good to know it wasn't my game running that slow :)

You should definitely be able to run it on highest without a problem. There was another person reporting problems but since the 0.5.3 update, he said it's okay.

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The first thing that comes to my mind, the software you're using to record is taking up all the GPU power. I have a nvidia 820M which is way slower than your GTX 960 (M). I recorded the trailer on this computer and the only framedrop I saw was in the first section where it dipped to around 20-ish. I would suggest Open Broadcast Software as it has almost no impact on performance. Software like Bandicam completely choke my graphics card and I didn't get more than 5 fps while recording.

You might also look into your processor if it's running at 100% constantly. The game relies on PhysX by Nvidia which can be done either on the CPU or the GPU.

I hope you understand there is no other explanation as to why your 960, which is at least 3x faster than mine, is running it at an unreasonable framerate.

Yes, there is a list of features I am planning to add in the long run. I'm also doing regular updates, roughly once a month to keep it fresh.