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Physics based destruction sandbox · By slojanko

Update 0.7.0 Sticky

A topic by slojanko created Sep 28, 2017 Views: 533 Replies: 10
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I've finally finished adding a ton of new objects into the game. There were so many that I had to make an "inventory" for them. Accessing the inventory uses the same key as for slow motion (F) for convenience. Choosing a new shape works by clicking on it, which replaces the currently selected shape in the left bar (number keys 1-5).

The update includes 24 new shapes, code reduction , optimizations and the removal of the highest physics quality. Some maps have been slightly altered to include some new shapes while 2 test maps have been added. You can read about other changes in the update log.

This was the slowest and longest update I had to do in a while. Now that school is going to start, I'll probably put the project on halt for a couple of weeks until I figure out what to add next.


don't abandon this project please


I have actually started working on a sequel, which might have it's first release at the end of summer. The current code is too unorganized for me to pick the project back up off its feet after leaving it for more than 6 months because of University.

i made a simplistic texture pack

Looks the mac verison is gone... ):

rip mac users

The Mac version was removed as nobody was giving feedback if it even worked. I can't guarantee it being bug free since compiling for a Mac might have some permission issues.

Why the hell did you remove the blocks connecting to the ground? Perhaps maybe readding them in a mini-update will help.


I'm going to keep the game as is, unless a lot of people request any changes. 
Started working on a new game a few days ago.


Are you still active here, if have you continued work on the sequel?  Its really a great game.


I'm currently pausing the work because of other things taking priority.


Thanks for the reply and have a good day.