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I will start this by saying that the dev will likely never update this game again as he is working on other things. That said,

1. Yeah there's no way around that. Maybe run the game in a smaller resolution?

2.  Have you tried using different texture packs? You can change the texture pack used in the settings menu. (You can also make your own texture pack. I made one and there's a link in this thread:

3. You can just make it windowed and make it big, this is the only solution I have found.

4. There isn't a way around this one, unfortunately.

aw yiss

Thank you! That tutorial helped a LOT!

How do I install pygame? Or is it installed with python?

The game download does not come with an executable. How do i run it?

i made a simplistic texture pack


First of all, I don't think the engine this game runs on allows 2 floors. Second, the level design has to be linear because that makes it feel like Half-Life 2. Third, it wouldn't be easy to switch weapons, as he would have to code all the weapons, and then have hit sounds, and sprites, and so many other things it would be a nightmare. Fourth, I think the dev didn't want to make it gory so it could appeal to other audiences, and fifth, this game is a tiny little indie game dude. It's not a AAA release so stop complaining.

aww, that was my favorite texture pack. but im curious to see what the new next big update is. 0w0.

I like the way this community keeps things organized, but its not easy to share images. So ive taken the liberty of making one. PM me on reddit Slojanko so i can give you the keys to it.