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Just finished a quick map after downloading the game for the first time, but I can't start playing the map without saving the game first.  Problem is, when I go to "Save map", I type a name for the map, "bridge", then click "Save map" to save it. Then, I just click "cancel" to get out of that tab and I assumed it was saved. However, as I went to click "Play map", it told me Map changes need to saved first. I went to "Load map" and clicked the dropdown tab, nothing was there. I don't want to lose this map because I can't save it even though I keep trying to. 

Any help on how to solve this?

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Could you please send me the output_log.txt inside of Sandbox_Play_Data folder? I don't have the same problem when trying to save it.

But from what you described, it looks like the Maps folder doesn't exist. Are you on an Apple computer perhaps?