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Feedback & Comments Sticky

A topic by Siris Pendrake created Dec 06, 2020 Views: 419 Replies: 7
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This is the place to post general feedback and comments about ADACA!

If you have a larger topic to discuss about Adaca, feel free to create your own community post!

If you wish to report a bug found in ADACA, please do so here:

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I'm really impressed with what you're doing.. thoroughly enjoyed the game and gave a $20 donation. Please keep up the good work! Looking forward to the completed product. I heard about it via Jarek's youtube review btw.


Awesome! I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far! Thank you for your incredibly generous donation; I hope I can live up to everyone's expectations!


This is a very fun game! I think some feedback that could be helpful would be to add a sound effect to enemies roping in. Either a sound for the rope or just a sound from them coming down. I also had issues with reloading, when you first enter the early area with the trains after the town is attacked I died and the checkpoint that I reloaded in was outside boundaries. 


So after beat the game my only extra feedback I could add would be a transparency effect for things you grab cuz p much everything blocks your view. Some sort of enemy chatter or sound effect for an enemy being near in general would also be good. Does the difficulty increase the time-to-kill for enemies? Sometimes it feels like they're a little spongey. Overall I love the encounters and the weapons a great deal. Super good show. 


Thank you for the feedback!

To answer your questions; no the difficulty should not affect your damage output or enemy health. Some enemies are designed to have more health/damage resistance with the intention of forcing the player to adopt different tactics however.


I just wanted to say that I greatly enjoyed your demo! Please continue development on this, as I loved the weapon design (particularly the bolt driver) and this interesting world you have created. I will be following the development of this and I wish you all the best.

Loved Onyx Clad and thoroughly enjoying Adaca so far. Especially Zone Patrol, having a great time with it. As far as feedback goes, it would be cool to continue zone patrol from the menu directly into the map rather than on the ship to keep the immersion in the world more and not to backtrack as much. That's pretty minor though and loving everything else so far