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This feels awesome, this is only a pre-alpha? It’s an amazing game.

I think this is one of the first renpy novels I’ve read where the animation brings so much life into the work. A very sweet short story, one I’m glad to have read.

This game is super fun. The spin attack is a bit unwieldly cuz you can bounce in unpredicted ways, but once you handle that the game is really interesting. I also liked deflecting, felt really good whenever you pulled it off.

My only real suggestion is have dialogue go faster with one button press rather than a hold.

Cheering you guys on! It sounds like you’re putting yourself on the grind, and I hope it turns out well.

Stay healthy and stay safe!

Best news I’ve heard all month.

Hi Mofu, will you be putting your other games on too? Big fan!

Congrats on finishing episode 2, I’m really glad the game is shaping to be better more and more.

That’s so awesome! I can’t wait to try it.

You find the secret grinding room and become incredibly OP

This was super dang fun.

I loved the chain grabs you can do on the boss, the skip jump you do after a grab dash, I thought grabbing onto those climbables felt a little off but other than that this was really fun to get a handle over.

The crash bandicoot box meta was also a great addition.

Do your best! Sounds like you got a great pace going.

The game feels really good thus far, I am hoping for controller support in menu but it’s really coming far even still in early alpha.

I really like how magic feels in the game, casting, AoEs, they all feel great. Attacks I think are a little more finnicky, what stuns and doesn’t stunlock enemies isn’t exactly clear (Broadsword I often got hit during them getting). The range also is a little hard to handle at first, like you don’t expect the axe slam to go that far. But the axe slam especially feels good once you figure that out cuz of all the i-frames you get and the guaranteed stun. The sword dash I found to be inconcistent in terms of getting to hit (same goes for dagger), and the camera when locked on sometimes refuses to re-lock on.

But other than those comments, only other thing I would like to see is class exclusive moves. It would be cool, for example, if you could access certain moves in the spellbar but at the cost of MP. Like the dash but with the axe, or the slam with sword, or a new attack like… a grapple that spins an enemy around and knocks into other people.

More movement options might be nice? The levels are nog so some kind of mount or sprint that isn’t spamming dash would be useful. Double jumps maybe?

Character customization is coming along really well. It’s an awesome demo.

I think body carrying is a big one, to make sure you stay undetected.

The biggest thing I would actually like to see, I think, would be like a hub world? Immersive sims are usually pretty level based so something like a Fallout 1&2 map with some being more dungeon focused and some just being towns with normal quests, would be ace.

But generally, I just want a fun experience with cool level design. I think that is the biggest thing.

This game is super fun and cute, can’t wait to see the finish line.

Wow this game is really fun, I guess my only feedback is the game could use a map, and probably a function to speed up text without worrying about accidentally picking a choice.

I really enjoyed this one, although it did crash on me. It could use a few QoL stuff for SRPGs (like a description of items before you buy em), but it was really fun. It took me a while to figure out the class triangle, but figuring out all the stuff I could do was great!

It crashed on me at the second level while I was fast-forwarding an enemy turn, but overall, recommend for an afternoon. I’d personally love to see a “DX”/GBC version that I could pay for.

This is an incredibly good art pack, genuinely some of the best I’ve seen on both the site, and for RPG Maker.

So if we pay now will we also get steam keys? I may want to secure a pre-order, so to speak!

This game feel is something all platformers should have, at least for how satisfying it is to move around. The enemies are more or less fodder due to this, and so is a lot of the platforming, but I really look forward to what you do in the future.

This was super fun! I loved being able to knock mecha around after the power attack, sort of swinging the sword in unique ways. It felt good to vent and attack and dodge.

Cool style, too.

I thought this was really fun. One thing that personally bothered me, however, and this applied to Rhamdon 1 and 2 is that the sprites (as great as they are) make it hard to tell/react to what enemies are doing. I can’t tell whether they will start casting or throw an arrow or attack. Mostly since the sprite to do all of that is the same.

Another issue I’ve had is with the boss arenas being incredibly small as well as bosses hard locking on to you too harshly. To the point where I’m not sure how to approach dodging or countering. This is a similar issue to the enemies problem, since I’m not sure how to practice dodges and parries when it’s hard to prepare for what.

The game is incredible fun though, the variety of weaponry on offer makes it super fun. So much fun I can only hope every playthrough has the ranged attack ring (or at least being able to save). Saves and fully pre-made challenge dungeons would also be amazing!

Love where this series is going though.

This one was very fun, the movement had weird wind up but when you’re going it feels good Speaking of feeling good, every gun has real power which I like

Got that 100%, awesome thing!

I was very surprised to see a gothic inspired game that looks like this! My only feedback is that I hope you change the environment to look a little more like the very charming models. This plays smoothly, I’m looking forward to see what you come up with.

Oh wow, you’re on itchio! I played that alpha a few years ago and loved it, I can’t wait to see even more.

I tried that and it didn’t work for me (in regards to spells). Also the buckler didn’t change the AC values either.

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I think the beginning is a bit too wizard hostile, lol. Being a single character at the start and being ambushed with rules applying attacks of opportunity to spellcasting means they’ll very likely die to anything. And my character does, a lot. It also doesn’t help that I can’t choose the spells I start off with. Some indication of AOO would be nice, as well as an option to see the grid/full movement range. It just feels oddly constrained as a wizard. (EDIT: Animate Dead before a battle would be incredibly useful for instance.)

This is actually very well done, though. Every piece at play works as it should and the presentation is very polished. Writing is very good, I just think that first impression is fairly negative for certain playstyles.

EDIT (x2): So I rolled a Cleric since I couldn’t progress any further with the Wizard. A lot easier as I thought, and Chill Touch seems to be so much better than acid splash, I only got this far because I got this at the beginning. Something I noticed was because you and enemies can move so far with the AP system, you’ll get forced into melee pretty much every time. This occurred when you meet Sindra later, in which she gets jumped in the fight, tries to cast ranged spells, and dies immediately. Understandably this is coinciding with d20 systems favoring martial from the beginning, but there’s little options at play to make a Wizard’s time easier. Especially since I’m pretty sure you can’t change spells in the dungeon, so this becomes a kind of meat grinder.

I also think being able to turn on outlines at all times would be useful. I think that’s all the impressions I could give, I can’t wait to see where this game goes!


But yes, stay safe out there.

I did have to ask about controls, is it possible uninvert the vertical controls? More broadly I’d like an easier button remapping tool but the inverted controls are perhaps my biggest issue.

Other less pressing issues would be the usage of RT for inspect, when that could be done with like, A. I get that it’s there for running but being able to switch to older KF controls at any time (or at least before boot) would be neat.

Would it be possible to attach the automap functionality to the item? That’d be cool, like you have to use a map item or something to gain it?

And yeah it’s understandable that you want to express where you’re taking the project. I think most people can see it as an improvement patch (SoM) of sorts, or overhaul, remake (of KFII) etc.

Oh I didn’t know the automap was a default feature, I haven’t played around much with SOM itself. Maybe it’s not an enhancement for KF fans but I am dreadful when it comes to KF navigation so it’s almost mandatory for me. Even something as small as just the shape helps out a ton. If not I’d be looking up maps and that’s not the most fun alternative.

And yeah I was referring to the sample game, although by most accounts I was assured it was a remake of the original KF1, but if not it’d at least be interesting to use. I like the idea of adding a more methodical and complex combat design into a game with relatively simple combat system - but also a game that encourages that sort of ideal. I generally also prefer the smoothness that SOM provides over the PS1 originals, mainly in movement, running etc. Maybe one day someone could try Shadow Tower for it, but I doubt that very much!

As for the lack of response, I think it’s just the unfamiliarity with SOM and KF in general. Often when something is unheard of or rarely talked about, it almost seems suspicious. I think as far as itchio and other things are concerned you could try and give yourself your own unique group name instead of just using sword of moonlight. Maybe it’s also the long paragraphs and such, you’re working on a lot and have a lot of specific ideas and that could be hard to take in all at once.

So I tried this out, this adds so much already. I don’t know if purists might find this annoying as an addition (although I suppose nothing is stopping them from just playing normally) but this is already shaping up to be exactly how I want to play King’s Field US.

Would it be possible to backport your additions into King’s Field 1’s port? I only say this because I admit to also wanting the minimap in some compacity. I know that’s a dev tool but maybe that could also be an optional change? A minimap that fills out when you get maps/go to new areas?

That’s a huge improvement! Are you remaking all the sprites or just a select few?

This is definitely super cool, I love the setting. It’s not super fun right now, and when I started mashing on the enemy turn phase I think I selected an enemy unit and got stuck. It lacks a lot of stuff in these kinds of games (cancel movement for example), but it’s super cool as a proof of concept.

I hope to see more of this!

Can’t wait!

Great update! Glad to see all those additions, game looks better and better

Looks beautiful!

I really love the Survival Horror x Blake Stone gameplay here. But even inspired by its contemporaries it feels completely different, and the gameplay is surprisingly smooth.

I really have to beg for more updates, or one that keeps map progress after quit.

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I tried the open source version, a few comments I don’t know how useful they could be.

Is there anyway to see keyebinds/what commands do? I don’t see a list anywhere and I feel as that would be useful in a game like this with hotkeys.

Can you do anything with the gears of destroyed mechs? It doesn’t seem like you can.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to beat the boss of the first campaign, the mech outguns and outspeeds whatever mech I throw at it.

How do saves work here? Characters I create disappear when I try to use them for a separate campaign.

Game is very fun, although I feel as if I’m missing something.

can't wait!