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Nah I think you gave a good picture. It helped me make an informed decision.

I didn’t mean that as like an insult, I would just avoid such topics and some games may not broadcast it as much as I’d like. I’m glad Accursed did, though!

Oh thanks for the heads up, didn’t know Seeds was like that. Gonna have to unfollow.

Well hey, thanks!

Tried to get through the demo but I got filtered at the first sex scene. Not my thing (non-con, tentacles, rape talk), was pretty uncomfortable, is a lot of the non-optional story scenes gonna be like that?

I assume that’ll be the same on the finished release?

You ever consider adding gamepad support (if it doesn’t have it already)?

This is a fantastic effort for a fangame.

Hell yeah!! I wonder what that next big project is gonna be. Is Ep3 the final one for Adaca?

What would you ballpark the sexual fetishes covered in this game? Obviously I assume you fuck Orcs, Tentacle Monsters, maybe wolves, but is it like - noncon, forced, gangbang, etc?

Are you gonna upload the demo to steam? Would be nice to have it on my Steamdeck.

Yeah that was my favorite part about indiedb, was people being able to mess around with the pages to do that.

This was sweet, although I felt like Mira having to learn how to open up - makes the game feel a bit one sided, even though I know the ending shows it’s about them both mutually reconciling.

That picture is so cute. Itch is a lot more convenient/user friendly than the forum DLs from SAGE so I’m not surprised.

I’m looking forward to more developments!

Well I’d say I’d invest in a full RPG starring a lady with a dick. Not a hard sell for me.

The story characters will all be original, I assume?

Listen, just have it be first person and him be completely naked.

But lol ty for the transparency.

Will she be able to fuck the MC in the butt

What’s the music from?

I need more. This is everything to me, thank you.

The ticket don’t have a link, but that’s a cool contest!

That sounds like a fun idea - people still talk about Guardian Legend today.

This is likely a longshot but I like to use the Steam Deck for playing indies on the go, would it be possible to add a controller UI for that? That’d be cool.

Same goes for people who use TVs or just prefer controller only stuff.

Congrats on the update! Looking forward to the full game every time.

I like the funny slime

Is the bundle up? All I see linked is the fun in the sun bundle.

Congrats! Do you have anything planned for the future?

Could you tag the kinks this game covers? It seems like you’re getting a lot of negative attention due to misplaced expectations. It might be better for you in the long run.

Does the android ver have gamepad support?

I really like the idea and style of it, but it’s incredibly confusing to remember which range is for what pattern - I think it’d be very useful to color-code the pattern enemies (at least at the beginning?) so that it isn’t just an immediate knowledge check when you get out the door. It might also be neat, as an option, to switch these colors based on the popular controller configs.

Not that it’s necessary it’s just that otherwise taking out enemies feels “wrong”.

It’s also funny because the color pattern almost matches the PlayStation button patterns, Triangle = Green = Vertical, and Cross/X is Blue but instead it does circular patterns rather than the X shape.

I’d also rebind L3 to just dash and R3 to just brake, there’s no need to make it a hold button.

And selecting a level requiring holding Square/X which was strange to me

The game has a lot of fun potential, however. And I enjoyed playing the levels, other than the mantles since you can get hit by enemies during it without any control other than making sure you killed everything beforehand. It felt like getting on those shoulda killed enemies to keep the score time low.

really cool art, expressive as hell

This was a great demo. I loved the graphics the music and the silly end text for when Kila DIES (I mean joins a Union). Nothing but high marks there.

I experienced one sound glitch that occurs whenever I charge in midair, sometimes if I land while charging the charge audio keeps playing even when I’m not charging.

As for the gameplay, I really enjoyed myself after getting acclimated. Learning when to dash or bounce made the core experience of learning really interesting.

However I found I really did not care for the 2.5D perspective. It’s much too close and I don’t have the ability of foresight to continue so it just becomes frustrating to learn. Similarly, ground pound into jump allows for some forward angled air and I’m not entirely sure if it was designed for that? You can skip a lot in the levels with that move, but if it’s intentional then I think it’s fun.

Lastly the flames on orange platforms kind of kills my eyes. Could it be some kind of green or something that’s easier to determine where it is?

I also had some weird issues with depth and enemies as well as bouncing on an enemy but still being hit - hard to explain.

What kind of kinks did you want to explore with this one?

This looks fantastic, a fully hand drawn mega man-like action platformer?

Can’t wait to see more.

Demo doesn’t seem to play nice in the app, but I’m gonna check this out still. Great looking game

This was pretty fun, I enjoyed the painterly look and the design of Witch’s forest was fun to explore. I couldn’t figure out how to disable the security, I searched all over and I found nothin’. Probably would’ve helped to re-read the chapter this was based on.


I think I did prefer the first person view of the original? It featured the art more (as in, the art was bigger and more in your face), and the “aiming spots” mechanic was a lot more novel than finding what skill in a turn based battle works more. While both involves experimentation, one is a lot faster, while the latter is kind of like… Pokemon if you never know the type until you fight the mon.

But I also liked the exploration in the latter two, definitely more involved.

This is really fun, I look forward to a full release.

Would gamepad support be considered in the future?

I think it’s branding and momentum, actually.

There’s no indication in the title of the remake that it is, in fact, a remake. Since the first lust quest has the most attention it’s the one that continues gathering attention and people will try that one first because it’s the one they see first. And because of the description of Cannie that leaves no indication of a sequel, people will just kind of sit and wait for an update to Cannie.

I think if you labeled the sequel AS Lust Quest 2 or like, Lust Quest: Definitive Edition that included both the remake and Ice, it’d get a lot more people to play it, along with linking to it in the original.