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Oh really?

Well when the character picked up the test object it just looked like she was bringing it close to her face and throwing it away. In Rune the character just took a single bite and threw it away so that’s why I thought it was similar. That’s cool though if you didn’t have it in mind.

Looking forward to seeing the game progress.

Gamepad works alright. Movement feels pretty decent actually. The follow up charge attack made me clip into some triangles a bit but my character readjusted fine.

I noticed a pick up and eat animation, do you have Rune as an inspiration?

I wish your team good health, and to please not strain yourselves!

That said, it’s great to see progress. Really looking forward to the final game!

This was a pretty neat game although the lack of instructions made it a bit confusing at first. I don’t super understand the relationship between the consumables and the bullets you have but I think consuming them lowers our firepower?

Either way very quickly did I find that the winning strategy was to not shoot a single enemy and to kite them for minutes on end while restoring battery. I’m sure I can get the timer up to 10 minutes that way. Conceptually it’s interesting although kiting for that long does get a little tiring.

I loved the graphics and the sound. Nailed that PSX aesthetic. Love the main character medabots looking dude.

The boss HP buff makes sense, it was a bit too quick even for a Metal Slug 1-type boss.

Game is already shaping up to be better and better from these quick additions/changes!

Thank you!!

For broad RPGs I could understand the want for that kind of option but it was pretty clear to me that this game was doing something specific for the characters. Pretty weird to me for people to ask for that.

I commend you for sticking to your guns, though!

Is this game fully complete?

Hi Yal, I just beat this game.

I actually had a good deal of fun with it but mostly because I chose Sunny. I felt as if the “beat ’em up” part of this beat ‘em up was super risky, and it was a lot more safer if I just managed my bombs for hard knockdowns and or used my double jump attack. This was because normal attacks didn’t combo (or string) together reliably, with some enemies being able to hit you during your attacks without much warning.

Enemies also didn’t have much of a tell which makes them even more dangerous. Especially ranged enemies or ones with the instant kick.

In a future game I would like to see grabs added for added safety (especially with invincibility frames), more options for air juggles maybe, and dashes/powers having both a cooldown and maybe a desperation attack option to cost some HP. That way you’re not completely helpless when you’re out of power.


That’s it, I got nothing else

The game is silly and I love the character/enemy designs, but the platforming is far more difficult when it comes to actually platforming. The spikes and hazards move so fast but your character has so much air-time that it’s difficult to pilot her around - especially when the air dash is activated with the same button as the wall jump and the air dash can bop into walls. So you have 3 options that need to be timed perfectly with many elements that almost seem random to dodge rather than requiring precision (the explosive spinning canons can and will hit you even in “safe” spots).

I don’t really get the more fantastical elements of this title but I enjoy Jojo and Frankie so that’s enough to make me want to see this game through the end.

Looking forward to the rest!

There’s technically one jumpscare (loop 3?) I found but otherwise I’m inclined to agree that I enjoy the lack of too much BWAH moments.

It would be really useful if I could follow Jam creators so that I could be aware of 1) When a new Jam starts up and 2) When a new game in a Jam is submitted.

I often miss Jams since the only way to view the upcoming ones is through the live feed, which is a bit large and hard to read for me.

Thank you for listening to my suggestion.

A very cute game. There’s some cool ideas with skill choice, but there is a lack of UI clarity when it comes to which units are close to what, how far you can move, etc.

I think this kind of setting and playstyle can easily be expanded, and I enjoyed a small glimpse into this world.

Is this your own custom engine? Always fun stuff.

I have absolutely no clue how to play this one, but that is a cool character.

Hell yeah!

Oh heck yeah, I enjoyed the previous demo. Glad to see some updates!

How many Chapters are planned?

Congrats on release.

Good demo!

Art is beautiful and the gameplay is fun, there just needs to be a good pass for bugs. Playing the new version, I couldn’t use any items, the aforementioned background thing didn’t load proper, weird loading with text boxes…

But seriously, this is shaping up to be a great game.


Yes actually

This game has a really interesting feel.

I think my initial impression is that the game needs a large lookover when it comes to the lighting, UI, and some textures. The default Unity options are hard to look at, and the lighting colors are especially garish and make visuals hard to see overall. It’s difficult to determine, for example, when an enemy is doing a light attack or charged because of how it gets drowned in colors.

I LOVE the rock paper scissors system and the feel of dashing, I would like to see that be built upon in the future.

I always enjoy reading insights of games that I follow with interest, thanks for sharing!

The idea of balancing between player-learning and demo-representation is an interesting one. Because you obviously want players to realize what you’re creating but you also want to teach them important aspects of the game. I imagine this also applies to journalist and/or corporate demonstrations as well.

Good trivia

Congrats on the finished release!

Cute gaaame. There’s more planned? Good, amazing. I would like more cute Kara writing. And CGs.

Shout outs to cousin. Cool guy.

Hey, thanks for spelling it out!

Question, is buying 0.9 a guarantee for the full release or is it more of a patreon-like thing where you get the newest version?

I really enjoyed the combat. Setting and managing all your buffs was fun, if at the end the easiest way to go was saving for your big hits, but it was a good addition to the story itself.

The story which was really easy to get into, curious to see more. That’s all you really need!

I think the only recommendation I could give is that the Lich should be able to get XP from summoned units battling to encourage that kind of necromantic behavior. As it is, it almost feels like a trap for XP in the long run.

Same goes for using recruited undead enemies when there’s no method to healing them.

Otherwise I love what we have so far. Could also use some proofreading but, seriously, it’s really fun.

Got SS rank in all levels, just wanted to mention how fun it was. I enjoyed the setpieces, the encounters had a lot of fun locales even if it’s just an office building. The reactions were pretty great, as were the effects.

I think my main thing is that I don’t see the point of not renewing health each level, since a restart is free and has no penalty. I also am not a huge fan of the reloading times, I think you could make it instant but still balance the enemies to compensate, cuz the cooldown isn’t as satisfying as an instant reload in a light gun shooter normally is. A reload animation could likely even that out, however.

Finally, I can only request something unreasonable, it’d be cool if we could destroy the enviornment with out bullets. Make computer monitors and bathroom doors fly around. I think for boxes with actual hearts in them, you could just label them with a heart and the same effect would work.

MMO-lite works very well with this structure, I’m excited. Have you thought about funding, getting a team?

It’s cool if you want this to remain a passion project, but it might help.

I’m just gonna echo the sentiment that strafing would be really nice. As well as just learning what stats are used for. I didn’t know what to allocate to Sumireko cuz I didn’t know if she played like SMT 1 hero who had no magic.

I beat the demo. I didn’t have any bugs but I think some kind of bar or indicator to show how many hits it’ll take for an enemy to stagger would be pretty nice!

Other than that, and maybe some treasures on the map… great game!

I’m really excited! You’ve come a long way, and 1.0 is on the horizon!

Also three guns is a very nice addition. That’s gonna be fun.

This feels awesome, this is only a pre-alpha? It’s an amazing game.

I think this is one of the first renpy novels I’ve read where the animation brings so much life into the work. A very sweet short story, one I’m glad to have read.