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Hello again! I tried the game again but I still cannot seem to get past the first chapter. Doing all the rooms in succession was a bit difficult, and it's try again after spending so long on one run. Would there be any chance for a save or checkpoint system? 

This seems great so far!

Uh but I'm stuck in the first vent, how do you climb back up?

Croc Island DEMO community · Created a new topic Comments!

Super fun, I love the DOS-like/Windows 3.1 interface. The level design gives me a similar era vibe with a bit of Mario 2 in there as well. One of my thoughts was that the game runs suuuuper quick, like I'm fast forwarding in an emulator which makes it tough to play. Otherwise, very charming and cute and I hope to see it further along in the future.

Also the default control scheme is a bit awkward but I get that it's because it's for multiple people on one keyboard.

Would it be possible to make a wad like this for Crispy Doom?

Still alive? I thought this was super cool

Hello! I recently played your demo on steam and I really enjoyed it. The boss was very difficult but I enjoyed that, the contrast of the cute girl and the difficulty was fun! I also thought the magic counter you get was confusing to use, since you do it on hit or right before? 

Considering giving the character air dashes as a power up later, that would be fun!

If you need any help from a native English speaker, I'm willing to help!

Confirm all of these. 

Oh not that close. I was more thinking of that object in the tutorial dungeon, the one that removes your powers IIRC? It's been a while but I remember just having it on me was a problem that got a gameover. I think it harms ally skeletons? The can item was self explanatory, I've played a few SRPGs that had that before. 

Aw, kinda wanted to play this on android

Good luck man! I hope your remake turns out good.

I see a lot of potential in this game, though when I played the demo it felt like the game was assuming I knew how to do certain things. Like I would know how to pick up the item in the first mission, or I had to escape the dungeon manually instead of the map ending there like a regular SRPG. 

Still, I had a lot of fun with the combat itself!

Awesome! I'm glad to see you're back with a whole new update. Trying it out rn

Awesome! I'm still really looking forward to ____ Tactics 3!

Thanks! Looks good.

This game feels very smooth! Although it really makes me wish for a slide kick, and doing slide shooting feels very hard to pull off in certain levels which also makes me wish for bullet time to get the aim right.

The blog got cut off at the end but that sounds really fun.

Oh my word, this is very GBC Zelda. Wish you the best of luck.

Just make sure you got the writing chops to back it up, lol.

Since it's that kind of game, are we also gonna have ability checks in dialogues ala New Vegas, Baldur's Gate, etc.

Title. I usually like my idle games there

Cheers mate, I'm glad to just be heard out.

I hear ya on the sword, but given the current ammo balance I'd like it just a tad better. Or maybe yeah like you said a powerup not unlike the berserker one in Doom.

Just a little starter feedback from what I've played so far:

  1. Level design in this level was pretty cramped compared to the movement speed.  A lot of interconnected corridors, and oddly prompted immediate turns. Because of the simplicity of the graphics it was hard to see when there's a turn at all. For example, in the starting section you essentially have two hallways that interconnect through a slope, but there's also at some point after that first intro where you have a left turn that leads into the green door. 
    1.  Further on prompting it was hard to get around with a lot of the decor getting in the way of the action. my character bumped and jumped on the numerous trucks and forklifts. 
    2. It was also confusing getting to some areas, as there was what seemed to be small slopes and barrels to get further along, that can be easily missed.
  2.  I liked the feeling of the shotgun and railgun. However the SMG was very underpowered and inaccurate. I get it's the starter weapon but it needs to have something going for it, at least a high ammo pool. The alternative is the wakazashi which isn't really a good choice since it takes multiple slices just to take down one grunt, and you lose 30 of your health that way, since it doesn't stunlock them and they can just bat you back. 
    1. Just as well the recoil system was a tad too sensitive.
  3.  Jumping also felt really unsatisfying. It didn't have any height or give, it didn't seem to have bunnyhopping either. Although making jumping higher might break the level design, so I understand that's gonna stay.  
    1. On the subject please allow caps or something to switch always run. That's a good feature to have.
  4.  Enemies were good, though the jumping crocs don't seem right to me as the melee chargers. I often found them spamming the charge attack when usually it's just like once attack, and then a chance to shoot 'em. But they often don't do that. Their charges should go farther, but then give it a delay.  
  5.  Items and door buttons are pretty small. Gets lost in the environments sometimes. 
  6.  My kingdom for a save feature, lol.
  7.  I do love the art aesthetic by the way, very clear. As well as the gore - although it has that Quake 2 problem when animations go on for too long so you end up wasting ammo on dying dramatic enemies.  
  8. You got a really good thing going honestly, I liked the demo else I wouldn't complain this much. 

"Outside of battle, dungeons will now feature fixed designs, instead of being random"

This could be amazing  depending on how you work this. You can have traps, both in and out of combat, you could switch up the dungeon mid-game (like shift rooms). Teleporter, damage, puzzles! I say go all out if you want to go this route. Maybe add in a hub-world as well.

I really like the sound of reworked combat too, it sounds really fun. Cheers!

I'm not sure how to run this mod. I can only import outrun levels not an JH1. There's also only a JH3

So, I just finished the demo and I thought it was pretty fun. I think any game that reminds me of PS2-era Action RPGs do that to me. Especially when calling out spell names, and the spell slots felt very Kingdom Hearts. Just some thoughts below:

  1. I liked the weight of hits, you were certain where everything connected. 
    1. The heavy charge attacks didn't really seem useful/it took too long. Maybe just a heavier, slower animation instead of a charge? In comparison the magic is fairly quick to cast and powerful. 
  2. I like the spell card system and changing in-between, although I wasn't sure how to change spells after I found new ones. 
    1. Receiving new spells had a few graphical glitches. Namely an empty box that displays what I assume to be the name of a variable or something. I could also control other menus during picking new spells, and switching my deck. The controls were odd too did it only move left and right with RB/LB? 
  3.  Graphics were nice. Lol, that's all I gotta say.
  4.  And choosing the MC is also pretty awesome. Are the partners gonna be the other MCs or are there gonna be partner-only chars too in the future?  
    1. Focusing on moral choices is awesome too! I got a big Ultima vibe from that with the whole tarot cards thing.
  5. Enemies hiding behind bushes. That was a tad annoying, since they threw projectiles at you that you could really see. The bullets lingered on the screen a bit long but that was probably intentional. It just slows the pace when you kind of wait for them to move. 
  6. The levels were also very cramped for the amount of movement you could do. I felt a Secret of Mana vibe but it didn't mesh well with dodging enemy bullets. 

Apologies for the wall of text. 

Lol I told myself when I first saw this - "Wow! This looks like I got it in a magazine for a DOS machine", and then I read the description. Welcome back to indie development guys! 

Uh, somehow there's only the mac version up now. 

Hell yeah! Worth the wait. Hopefully you guys nail down the gameplay soon. 

I will!

Well I'd love to play this game if there was a download link. Is this an thing or perhaps it was taken back for testing?

Good work, looking forward to the update.

Honestly this was such a well polished game I don't think I have any feedback, other than I kind of want an option to pass turn. I understand the last level was kind of built on the whole move to get into the certain rhythm of the lava thing but it felt more frustrating than an actual puzzle (and I may or may not have brute forced passed it).

Other than that, very charming.

Oh I like this one! The enemy variety gives me that Quake vibe especially with the grenade launcher, and I like how everything is an actual bullet, no hitscan. Of course that does make the shotguns feel a little slow? Same goes for pistols. I feel like I miss shots because the shotgun bullet speed is slower than expected.

One more consistent problem I found was that the game never grabbed my cursor, so it was always there when playing. Which was odd.

I hope to see a finished game in a halloween soon :P

Love the new demo, although an early issue I got was when I was playing with the controller plugged in. I didn't use the experimental gamepad mode but even then when I took damage the controller kept rumbling until I shut down the game.

I really do love this prototype, I hope this is still a thing because it's very polished. 

What a wonderful demo. It feels like you took some of the best parts of kirby levels and made it into a fun game. There's a lot of thought put into the switching mechanic and to make each weapon feel very fun kudos.

I don't have any gripes at the moment other than some weapons are inherently easier to use than others (the axe taking some used to) and it being daunting on some players all the switching and mechanics. There's a lot in there, especially in the upgrades, that may need to be explained. 

Man I'm impressed you can do this with GZDoom. Criticisms:

- There may be some kind of input delay? I dunno but it feels off whenever I try to do jumps or shield, like it's taking long than it should. 

- The default controls are strange, the feel kind of unnatural with a controller. I'm still not certain what the support button does but I assume that came later in the demo. 

- The shield their face charging guys have a weird prompt, and overall feel janky. Like their charge doesn't feel smooth, the transition between face hit and shield is odd, etc.

- There's a huge difficulty curve after you go underground. And when you die the healthkit doesn't respawn when you go down there. There isn't enough space to move around and your jump isn't high enough to dodge both of them coming at you (they come out at different times)

- Love the animations and the graphics, though I saw that the bullets  go behind the background during the power on section and there's fire bursts. There should also be a prompt saying you can shield through those.

- Was the bullets being stronger when you're out of charge on purpose? 

- Dash jump feels really good to use. 

- There's a few typos in the demo parts, might want to re-look over that/

Really fun stuff overall, though I can't really get through that difficult ambush, lol.

That was pretty fun! The end boss was easier than I expected, but I really like the feeling of punch. Good job!

Wow I'm glad you guys are still working on this game!

Dude, I hope you continue this because this is ace stuff

I can repeat this glitch quite often if that's what you mean, but no I didn't find any other bugs. Other than this one bug that makes the player stuck after flipping.