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This is definitely super cool, I love the setting. It’s not super fun right now, and when I started mashing on the enemy turn phase I think I selected an enemy unit and got stuck. It lacks a lot of stuff in these kinds of games (cancel movement for example), but it’s super cool as a proof of concept.

I hope to see more of this!

Can’t wait!

Great update! Glad to see all those additions, game looks better and better

Looks beautiful!

I really love the Survival Horror x Blake Stone gameplay here. But even inspired by its contemporaries it feels completely different, and the gameplay is surprisingly smooth.

I really have to beg for more updates, or one that keeps map progress after quit.

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I tried the open source version, a few comments I don’t know how useful they could be.

Is there anyway to see keyebinds/what commands do? I don’t see a list anywhere and I feel as that would be useful in a game like this with hotkeys.

Can you do anything with the gears of destroyed mechs? It doesn’t seem like you can.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to beat the boss of the first campaign, the mech outguns and outspeeds whatever mech I throw at it.

How do saves work here? Characters I create disappear when I try to use them for a separate campaign.

Game is very fun, although I feel as if I’m missing something.

can't wait!

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When can we expect another demo (if at all)? I was really interested in giving it a shot.

Woah, so is this game finished? I'm really impressed at all the changes and polish you added to SRPG Studio. The modern setting, being able to see twice hits (THANK YOU), etc.

Can't wait to sink my teeth into this one. 

I wanted to ask, do we have the option to switch between Trace and Aurora whenever or do they play differently? 

It plays pretty good
I beg of you to disable that food eating sound effect or let me turn it off at least, lol. 
Also a download link would be nice. 

The game does feel very good, my only complaint would be that for the area with the 3 boxes you have 2 destructible boxes that make jumping to the roof tops a lot harder (the wall jump area feels impossible to pull off?). 

I would suggest to add some kind of slight mantling for the jumps. 

This is very fun, stop making the best games ever

Yoooo real muzac. That's hype

Gonna +1 consensual, too many porn games cover rape to the point of being played out but alienating. 
If it is not already in, I would like being able to romance a character with masculine genitalia (however you want to do it). 

Hey if you missed my earlier post with my email, just send me a link to a twitter or something you have and I can send you a link to my email privately! 

On the contrary, I think the grayed out option is immersive in the fact that any person would understand that asking again would be fruitless without some form of trust or understanding. To continuously loop over the question makes less sense to me. I think it's a perfect addition, as are the rest of this update bravo.

So after beat the game my only extra feedback I could add would be a transparency effect for things you grab cuz p much everything blocks your view. Some sort of enemy chatter or sound effect for an enemy being near in general would also be good. Does the difficulty increase the time-to-kill for enemies? Sometimes it feels like they're a little spongey. Overall I love the encounters and the weapons a great deal. Super good show. 


This was pretty fun! I hope to see a Swat 4-esque campaign in the future with this sort of setup

This is a very fun game! I think some feedback that could be helpful would be to add a sound effect to enemies roping in. Either a sound for the rope or just a sound from them coming down. I also had issues with reloading, when you first enter the early area with the trains after the town is attacked I died and the checkpoint that I reloaded in was outside boundaries. 

Wow holy hell I did not expect to see STEAM

I give up help

Now I want to wait for the music..! But thanks for the new release I'm sure I'll enjoy it as much as the original!

Radical, thanks for listening to my ramble.



I love the style here, it reminds me of old PC-98 eroge along with the viewport window and the like. However I want to suggest some QoL issues I found, although I understand you are pushing Ren'Py so some things may not be possible.

- Loading bar for explore. It adds a delay to exploration that I'm not really sure why it's there?

- Nothing events. Rapidly clicking explore over and over and getting nothing, can we add a 'explore until event' button? Accepting the risks of the amount of time to get to the next thing. 

- Fast combat. So being able to skip animations would also be nice.

- Any way to reduce cuts to black? There's quite a few when say, you find treasure. It takes long there, too.

I like this a lot though. Would you be able to mention what sort of content/interests we'll see? 

This doesn't really matter cuz most people don't use this but this game does scale directly with DPI Windows settings, so you need to disable that on the eye.
Otherwise this is really fun and I'm excited to see where this goes.

Yoooo a SEQUEL.

I just wanted to say this game has an excellent gun feel, and I love the atmosphere. I would like a method of walking around faster but overall I'm impressed. I do agree with some of the comments involving A.I. range, mouse sensitivity etc, but you already know that.

Anyway, I had real fun with this.

Yay! I really enjoyed the original so I'm super glad to hear about this expanded version. I hope you get all the clout to make a sequel in the future!

Whyyyy did it take you so long to make this lol.
I love this game, I can't wait to see the final product. 

This was so much fun holy shit, I love the counter mechanic involving your trail and I love the momentum with the extra action.

The nuts stuff the game lets you do with bosses is great, you're great at making entertaining and addicting action

Love the songs, love the art, love DDR. I guess my one issue was that sometimes fast movements didn't seem to register but other than that, damn do I wish this was a full thing. A whole rhythm game just for beat boxin tunes

Strange game
the only winning move
is not to play

Best I got is in the forest level right after you fight the immortal boss an enemy disappeared into the stairs where you light the first torch. 

Other than that, great!

Hell yeah dude, I loved messing around with the initial demo and I can't wait to blast through these as well.

Looking forward to it! 

This was like... some of the chillest but fun games I've played in a while. I had worries with the controls, and shielding is still a little iffy, but I love it all the same.