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Wow, I didn't know you can play XBLIA games directly. Thanks for this, even if DX is a lot better!

I'd be honored, although I do not mind paying. Thank you, and I believe we will!

Cute! I love the style for the shirt idea. 

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Fantastic! These are the kind of additions I've been looking for, even ones that I didn't expect like NPC dialogue. What do you think the price it'll be at launch for Early Access?
EDIT: Also, thanks for the good news in these times. Stay safe! 

That was fun, I like the tone! I hope you make that only 20 dollars video game someday. 

So I've yet to beat the demo but I'm on it for while, just a few thoughts.

The camera needs a bit of work. The elevator to the mountain can hardly be seen and it's covered by foliage. Same thing goes for goblins in the area as well. I think there needs to be some kind of camera rotation or at least a better way to present items under the foliage.

You can also get stuck on items very easily due to the games (very fun, granted), free/jumpable movement. Might need a stuck option or maybe a better look at the environments. Also, with that said, the Wizard's magic missile tracks enemies that aren't attack-able like the scarecrow/zombie type enemies when they're doing their getup animation. That said, the goblins can you through environments while Magic Missile cannot. 

Otherwise, my only other thoughts was that the casting animation may be a bit too long, and the feedback on using potions could be a lot better, since sometimes I didn't even notice the number go down at all. 

Positively, I'm in love with the tabletop like nature of the game thus far. I hope to see more conversation trees/dungeon crawling with these mechanics as well as interesting combat encounters. Good work! 

Well the movement is pretty tight thus far. The aiming should be more sensitive (or just allow to change sensitivity better), and the aiming is pretty strict. I love the two crosshair system for TPS, but to headshot you would effectively have to aim above enemies as you want to focus on that part and to do so you need to have the aim assist not move anywhere. 

Possibly have less things to target specifically, maybe ease up the assist a little (allow to turn it off). Jumping could be quicker, the startup is a little long. 

I like the model for the character, it's cute. That's all I got for right now!

Thanks for the response, I appreciate the write-up and the thought/development currently being put behind it!

Also fascinating, I can see boomerang being pretty strong. 

Just beat the demo! A few thoughts, although I wouldn't put too much on them since I used default settings which are apparently higher than normal.

The first boss was easily the hardest for me. In fact it almost feels like an odd difficulty spike since their bossfight requires movement atypical from most games, while the other 3 are pretty standard. It also has to do with the dash, and how it forces you to do slight dashes which are very hard to do with the keyboard/mouse. If it was slightly less sensitive/that boss was a little more lenient on the space, I think it wouldn't be as bad. In comparison, all the other bosses were pretty easy.

Oh, and the game lacks impactful sfx for enemy queues. The lightning from the electricity boss doesn't have a startup for example, or the scythes. Speaking of which, I couldn't tell if there was any difference from the scythes that fall from the ceiling: the ones that drop or follow you. Maybe make them a different color? The final boss lasted a little too long just as well. Not enough variety it felt like.

And as for weapon balance, I currently see little reason to not use the purple orbs other than accuracy. For most of the bosses it makes them a lot quicker. 

On the bright side, I loved how tight the controls were. I liked how paced the boss fights vs levels were (like when you replay the reaper boss fight you don't have to fight shield again). Graphics are great. Despite my criticisms I thought the game was fun! I look forward to the final product.

I wish you all health, please stay safe!


PC, Windows10

Fun game, although the pause menu items (retry and menu) don't seem to work at all on my machine. 

This is a great game, I hope to see all the improvements you've made to your design filled into one full game one day. One that I'd happily buy. 

I hope you can continue to make a full-fledged game like this in the future. It was definitely entertaining. 

More Milk

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I see a lot of fun to be had, though I had an odd ladder glitch in the first dungeon that stuck me in this up/down only route and I couldn't get off. Some thoughts/comments:

- Human models were horrifying but that's not too big of a deal

- Jump could use a bit more oomph but it works fine and it was great fun just jump slashing slimes. 

- Ladders could be a lot faster. Like, 3 times as fast. And being able to look/jump off of ladders would be great.

- Context sensitive buttons for PC would work a lot better. E.G: E for talking and picking up items, AND opening doors. On that note, using keys from inventory seems unnecessary, I would just put a prompt when selecting E.

- Maps! That would be nice as well. 

- Combat felt good, could use a minimap to see close enemies though. It is like King's Field where you just have to pay attention but it'd be nice. 

- It gave me a King's Field x Zelda vibe which I liked. 

That's about it from what I recall. I hope you develop this concept further in the future. 

Oh no, not the bacon gang.

This looks pretty good, any chance for a Female MC one day?

Destructibles are always fun. Do they drop tiny bits in gold like in diablo?

An incredibly polished game as of this comment. Charming graphics, addictive, easy-to-learn gameplay that gives a lot of freedom to the user and shows depth. Has the makings of a fantastic game.

It is also incredibly cute!


This is a great demo! It's short admittedly, but it felt even shorter just reading through it all. 

I can really see the Nasuverse inspirations. Hope to see more!

Truly a masterpiece in the making. I do think the PC controls are a tad difficult in comparison to what motions controls would be but damn is this chill, and cute. 

Can't wait to see it finished. 

This feels like something that would be amazing on phones. 

I feel a lot of passion coming from this and I think that's why a lot of people make games/want to get into the industry. 

I honestly wish you luck on your work and I honestly think a price tag won't doom it. There's nothing wrong with wanting to make something and get paid for it too.


English one day?

I look forward to it!

I bought this game, and I thought improved controller support was all I needed. Can that also included improved fightstick support, wink wink.

Also, can y'all tell me what kind of joystick did you buy for that, I need to get me a batstick in my life - everyone loves the Japanese kind and I haaaate it. 

That's great to hear, I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. 

Oh cool! Maybe in the future have it be like, an option to just FF attack animations by holding like, z or enter or something.

The intention was to speed up gameplay, but I do hope the development goes well.

Pretty fun, though I recommend an option to speed up gameplay. The animations are nice, but sometimes you want to hurry it up a little.

That's a great addition! 

I do like these improvements/bug fixes - although I think some of these nerfs are a little disappointing. I really love the timer and movement additions though!

Admitedly I did use the stun skill from Spell Archon a lot but I don't remember the duration even being that long to be a problem. 

Great great backbone. Couple of issues thus far:

Transitioning between combat and the map, or just starting back onto the map from the main menu, resets the resolution and I assume other graphics settings.

The auto tile maker, the one that highlights each new tile per step, does not log each step when you're set to the fastest walking speed.

That's about it so far!

I figured it out! Though, I'm not completely sure I did it the riiight way but I used a certain piece of the environment in a manner that got me where I needed to go. In fact I 100%'ed the whole thing and I think god the secret ending which was a great twist. 

My favorite part was in Level 14 that I accidentally did a stealth run since I wanted to gather enough resources before going all out, but after a while I realized I had all the cranes and the exit was in sight so I high-tailed it. No complaints here I just want this gameplay into a bigger and interconnected world.

Are you also thinking of adding a kind of character progression? 

I absolutely loved the game thus far but I have to ask, in the level with the 1 melee bot, 2 flame barrels and where we first see Night Vision, are we supposed to set off the flame barrels to get one of the origami cranes? I'm stuck there because I can find 4, but in the room where you see the melee on the other side of the window, I can't find my way to that vent which I assume is where the last origami crane is.