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How to update Among Us on Windows (not Steam)

A topic by AVader2000 created 62 days ago Views: 1,311 Replies: 8
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I am unable to play due to a pending update to Among Us. I bought and downloaded Among Us from but do not see a way to update either from within the game or from the web site. Please advise.

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If you’ve downloaded the game through the website, then you would have to manually download every new version as it becomes available.

Alternatively you can download the “Itch App” which will allow you to download games, and automatically update them.

Hope that helps.

Ok dude, this is yet to be a huge help for me...Yes, I have been having the same problem as everyone else that chats in this general discussionpage...but when i click you link for "itch app" it doesn't come up with anything but all it says is 404 not found with a pic of an orange can i update the game manually...because I didn't pay for it, my friends friend had it from and he gave it to his friend who is my friend and my friend gave the USB to me so I could download it for myself without paying the price. my friend who gave me the game from USB tells me to be patient because eventually the game will update itself after some period of time after the updates release to the general public.


Apologies, I’ve shared the wrong link. I’ve fixed it now, so it points to the Itch app.

As for updating a game that you don’t own on, I’m not sure how anyone can help there. You can either purchase it and get all future updates, or check with the original developer, to see if the game can update itself.

i dont have money can innersoth edit it.


No, please do not ask for paid games to be free anywhere on the site or you will be banned from posting. Thanks

how do i download it again without buying it again

Avader2000 were you able to get the game updated?  If so how did you do it?

i cant download it gets cancelled becauuse my computer is windows or something like that