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Pitch for Simulator Game

A topic by wwallace created 11 days ago Views: 51 Replies: 2
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Hi I’m new to this forum, I’ve been thinking about an idea for a new hunting simulator/story game. I’ve been on the hunting sim kick for a while and played titles like the hunter and hunting simulator. These just don’t do it for me. They offer a good bit but are lacking. Also with new VR technology I think this type of game could really take off. However I’m in need of some help. I don’t have a ton of experience with developing. Seeing that there’s so many talented artists and programmers I’d figured I would try here.  Thank you. 


Hi wwallace,

It sounds like you are looking for people to collaborate. This is a better fit for the “Help Wanted or Offered” board, as people there are looking to join other projects, so you’d have more luck finding someone.

Please make sure to read the rules before posting there, you’d need to add some tags on your title, this will help attract people interested.

I hope that makes sense :)

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can you move this post for me?