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[CRITIQUE] EDITED: add screenshots/video] colorful procedural puzzle-combat roguelike, now in playable alpha

A topic by dto created Dec 08, 2015 Views: 799 Replies: 8
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Hello, my name is David O'Toole and I am working on a new game called "1x0ng" (pronounce it ONE-zong.) I would like to run a devlog here on the forums, and share the game's design and development processes with you.

Playtesting of new stuff has always been a crucial component of gamedev for me. Talking to users, watching them play my games in-person, or communicating with players online through IRC or web forums is very important---whether it's a bug report, a suggestion, a simple "kudos", or even a whole new feature idea that I never would have come up with myself.

I like to think of it as User-driven gamedev.

I have a playable alpha build of 1x0ng ready now, with all the main gameplay ideas implemented. You can find screenshots, video, and downloads for Windows and Linux here on

I invite you, community, to play and critique! If you find a bug, have an idea, or wish to speak your mind about things generally, then please post here in the topic.

I will gather all reports, fix bugs, implement suggestions, and issue updated game builds on a semi-daily basis.

I hope you will enjoy this game :) I'll keep the thread updated as I work on new parts.

Here is a video:

I did notice that the subforum rules say that "screenshots are mandatory" but I wasn't sure how to add them to my post. However, the 1x0ng game page (linked above) has the required screenshots and video. Let me know if I missed something.


Hey David, here's how you can add screenshots. Cheers!

Hi, I've added screenshots and the video. Thanks so much for your help.

I've just released version 0.3 with several improvements:

  • Fixed issue with player becoming stuck in wall at start of some levels
  • Fixed color-contrast issue with one color theme and the tracer's red wire trail.
  • The oldest chevron on the board (out of the 4 allowed) now flashes, indicating that it is the next to disappear when you lay a 5th chevron.
  • New tiny musical fanfares when levels open
  • Improved, more satisfying death sound!

My next task for v0.4 is to improve the random level generator so that levels are more architecturally coherent and more varied. I also need to further adjust the difficulty progression, allow oversized levels, and possibly add more enemies/objects.

I'm pleased to announce the release of 1x0ng version 0.4, with the following changes:

  • Gamepad support for solo play (press ESCAPE to configure)
  • Two-player Co-operative play, using gamepads (press ESCAPE to configure)
  • Fixed a bug where player couldn't fire ball when standing on chevron
  • The squareball is now a bit faster
  • Black holes are now destroyed permanently when enemies fall in
  • Fixed slowdown issue when a tracer gets stuck.

I playtested the co-op with a friend today, and it's quite fun! You each have a squareball, and can only catch your own ball; however, you must SHARE the supply of 4 chevrons between you, and verbally coordinate in your efforts.

While more needs to be added to flesh out the design and levels, I think the game is coming along very well. I hope you enjoy it! And please let me know your thoughts.

1x0ng version 0.5 is out. There's a creepy new creature to find past level 5, and more improvements/adjustments.

I'm pleased to announce the release of 1x0ng version 0.6.
New changes in this version:

  • Level generator has been rewritten
  • Increased enemy speeds
  • Tracer trail length now varies by level
  • Fixed diagonal tracers getting stuck in rooms
  • Fixed redundant gates being added to some fortresses
  • Fixed several audio glitches
  • New crunchier death sound

I hope you enjoy this work-in-progress, and I welcome your feedback and opinions. Now that the basics are implemented, what remains is to improve the level generation and difficulty progression. I may also add some more enemies and even a boss or two :)