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Zen: A Gay Sequel

A gay, planner-focused, stat-based, dating sim set in college. Also the sequel to Yearning: A Gay Story (YAGS). · By bobcgames

About Chris.

A topic by LukeTheirin created Oct 22, 2020 Views: 960 Replies: 6
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Chris ... wouldn't it have been better to leave Chris's creation to us? We played YAGS with a faceless Chris, no skin color . I imagined him to be red-haired, with blue eyes and tanned skin (artificial, he's so white that the sun makes his skin red: v).
I am a bit shocked that you have decided on his appearance ... I already have to bear that in the demo I hardly interact with Carlos and see that he will have something with James.


In an ideal world, with infinite money... yes. That would have been amazing to do. But it would have required a lot of extra art for that one character (not just the sprite, but also any CG with him), since not having a sprite for him wouldn't really have made sense.

I'm glad people have had such varying mental images of Chris from YAGS, though. I wish I could support them all.


Why not make the game in a graphics engine like Unreal or Eclipse? It's free and you could raise funds to give voice to the characters ... I even had an idea of what the voices of Carlos, Adam and James would be like.
Hopefully one day you can remake the game, in the rpg style of Dragon Age: Origins.


Game engines aren't really interchangeable like that, nor would using a different engine change the cost associated with making customizable characters. (If anything, remaking the game would greatly increase the cost, to say nothing about adding voice acting.)

But I'm glad you're so passionate about the game!

Hi there, I just wanted to say that I love YAGS!. Thank you for this game and  for his sequel!. I have to admit that I also was a little surprised with ¨Chris¨ appearance and that the name was pre established, but is very understandable since make it all customizable could be very costly, but would be cool if we can choose the name of the character as always and also is there any possibility for we to choose another pre stablished version of the appereance but with white skin? I meant, I am not racist or something, I just want to feel as most related as possible to the character including at least that part of the appearance, I know we are playing with Carlos in this sequel but still :P.


I totally understand the sentiment, since YAGS Chris was very much intended to be a "drop in" character that you could easily see yourself as. It's can definitely be jarring to have to see him as a more defined person now, especially physically.

If I had a bigger budget, I'd do it. It just means changes not only to the sprite, but also the CGs, which are significant, so I can't make it happen at this point in time.

If you changed Chris' name in YAGS, you can carry over the name to ZAGS as long as you're playing on the same computer (PC, Mac, or Linux) as you played YAGS. That should already be working in the demo, as well.


I actually really enjoy Chris in 'ZAGS'. I was such a social butterfly in YAGS, and seeing him a quiet and demure is.. refreshing? Also, it sorta seems right that Chris  seems to be bi-racial, though I can't rightly state why. It's like the whole 'Samus is a GIRL?!?!?' thing. I suppose you'd expect a CS major to have a geeky appearance, predominantly white, maybe slight in appearance, with glasses, though good-looking enough to draw the attention of multiple guys.

Having him depicted in ZAGS as a very handsome man of color is refreshing.